#SalPalEaglesCamp: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

In my 26th year covering NFL training camps, I’ve never seen anything like this: two quarterbacks occupying the same space, breathing the same rarefied air, trying to find their footing as the rightful owners of the starting job. But that’s what the Eagles have with Nick Foles, the MVP of Super Bowl LII, and Carson Wentz, who – before he blew out his left knee on Dec. 10 in Los Angeles – was on his way to becoming the league MVP.

Listening to Wentz, it’s clear he wants his team back. Listening to Foles, it’s clear he wants to get the recognition he deserves for saving the season and reclaiming a starting NFL job – here or, perhaps, elsewhere. Yet, there is no real competition between the two of them. Wentz has something Foles can never achieve: the future as the Eagles franchise quarterback. Foles has something Wentz can never achieve: leading the Eagles to their first Super Bowl title.

Listen to Doug Pederson and you get the sense that he doesn’t want to rush Wentz back too soon, knowing it’s all about the long-term contribution No. 11 will make to this franchise.

“The goal is to obviously win another one and to win another one and to win another one,” says Pederson, who lives with his wife and family in Moorestown. “I mean, that’s why we get into this business.”


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