Women in Law: Meghan E. Bradley, Esq.

Family Law Attorney


A family law attorney for more than 30 years, Meghan Bradley is passionate about helping each client reach a divorce settlement that provides a pathway for successful co-parenting. Her many years of litigating cases influenced her decision to limit her practice to mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. 

“I strongly believe that spouses and families deserve a better way to unwind their marriage that does not involve a time-consuming and expensive slog through the court system typical of a litigated divorce,” says Bradley, a Moorestown resident. 

Her extensive experience, including divorce matters involving substantial marital estates, helps her competently and successfully serve her clients. “When you help people find a voluntary solution,” she says, “the agreement is much more enduring. They’ve made a deal that works for them instead of having the terms imposed on them by a third party.” 


“Getting divorced was without a doubt one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life. With Meg’s involvement I met my goal of ensuring the process was fair and done with integrity. She was more than an attorney; she was a guide who helped me heal and be ready to move on with my life in all respects. I could not recommend her more highly.”


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