2024 South Jersey’s FACE of Shore Weddings

The perfect place for your perfect wedding

Katlyn Mogavero, ACPWC, Certified Professional Wedding Planner

“I’m here to ensure they feel completely at ease, confident that they are in the best hands.”


Set against Cape May’s soft sands and the rhythmic Atlantic surf, weddings at The Grand Hotel unite Victorian seaside charm with those personal touches couples always bring to their special day.

Katlyn Mogavero, an ACPWC Certified Professional Wedding Planner, curates every detail down to the best photo ops based on sunset timing, tide levels and prevailing wind conditions. 

“I’m here to ensure they feel completely at ease, confident that they are in the best hands,” says Katlyn. “I will be with them every step of the way. To have a small part in perfecting one of the most meaningful days in a couple’s life is really amazing.” 

For over 15 years, she has planned a diverse array of weddings at The Grand Hotel, from elegant black-tie affairs to barefoot beach vows, and even a “Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed ceremony. 

“It’s like a destination, but closer to home,” Katlyn says. The Grand’s amenities, including indoor and outdoor pools, beach cabanas and a variety of dining options, invite guests to transform their wedding trips into a full vacation experience.

Tying the knot in the nation’s oldest resort town remains as popular as ever. Katlyn personally oversees some 100 weddings annually at The Grand, which offers an exquisite blend of historic charm and modern luxury, from its grand Victorian facade to the elegant banquet rooms and oceanfront sundeck.

The beauty of the Grand extends to its versatility. “I can accommodate up to 320 guests across 4 different ballrooms,” Katlyn explains. “Our fifth-floor Penthouse Ballroom, which has the best view ever of the ocean, hosts over 300 guests. The beautifully renovated Grand Ballroom on the first floor holds 200, while the Wicker and Crystal rooms are perfect for smaller gatherings of 20 to 50 people. This flexibility is great because, unlike many venues, we don’t have strict minimums on guest numbers.”

Seasonal flexibility is another standout feature of The Grand, with its growing popularity during the shoulder seasons. “In the last few years, months like March, April, November and December have really started to attract more weddings,” Katlyn says. She takes full advantage of each season’s unique charm, including cozy enhancements for winter weddings such as hot apple cider and pashminas.

Her connection with the couples extends far beyond their special day. 

“I’m still in contact with brides from 15 years ago and every year since,” Katlyn adds. “I make it a priority to stay involved in their lives. I love being able to follow their lives after their wedding day, when they have babies, make a new home purchase, all of the ‘bigs.’ The Grand becomes so intertwined in their lives that they just keep coming back.” 


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