The Moriuchi Group

The Moriuchi Group

The Moriuchi Group changes lives through the power of real estate. For Naoji Moriuchi, that’s not just a tagline. He knows that real estate has the power to make a difference because that’s his family’s story.

During World War II, his Japanese-American grandparents were forced to uproot their lives and live in Japanese internment camps. His grandfather’s family of farmers in California lost everything. But thanks to strong Quaker outreach to Japanese Americans and vast quantities of farmland in South Jersey at the time, the family resettled to a farm in Cherry Hill. After many years of hard work and support from the farming and Quaker community here, his grandfather and father expanded their farm into Moorestown in the 1970s.

“The people here rallied together and helped my grandfather get back on his feet to the point where he was able to buy a piece of land in Cherry Hill and then another piece,” says Moriuchi, who grew up and worked on the farm in Moorestown. “One real estate action, a simple plot of land, changed the course of my family for generations.”

Today, he owns The Moriuchi Group, which is a part of Compass RE – a real estate technology company and brokerage firm. Located in Moorestown, The Moriuchi Group has facilitated more than 500 home sales totaling $250 million.

For Moriuchi, he’s not just selling homes – he’s helping to create community. What sets his group apart, he says, is its mission to work with people on a personal level and the Compass platform.

“We want to give people the best experience possible,” he says. “So we have to be able to listen and ask questions to understand exactly what they’re hoping to achieve.”

When buyers first come to the Moriuchi Group, they sit down for a consultation so the agents can understand their goals. Key questions are: why are they moving and what do they want in a new home and community?

“For some people, it’s schools,” he says. “Some people need a bigger space or have a dog they want to give a backyard to.”



“Or, sometimes they’re going through financial troubles, or someone passed away and we have to help them work through a stressful situation,” he adds. “Good or bad, there’s a lot of emotion behind their motivation. We understand that it’s not about the transaction – it’s about helping people.”

Then, they’ll need to define the buyers’ tastes. What kind of space are they looking for? Are they willing to do some renovation work on a fixer-upper?

“Sometimes people come in with this idea that they’ll renovate, but then you start showing pictures of homes that need more work, or they see the cost estimates, and they really start to back off of how much work they’re willing to put in the house before they move in,” says Moriuchi.

After that, the house-hunting begins.

Because he knows the exciting parts of buying a home: a bigger garage! A lovely kitchen backsplash! As well as the frustrating parts: touring a dozen homes that are almost, but not quite right – he knows how to anticipate his clients’ needs.

“Buying a home is an exciting time, but it’s not always easy,” he says. “When we’re able to communicate and empathize, that creates a really caring environment throughout the process. That makes a huge difference.”

Agents at The Moriuchi Group are students of the market, he says. They obsess about staying up-to-date on the latest trends and statistics (mostly so you don’t have to). Through Compass Concierge, the group has access to resources to fix up your home and market data that homebuyers shopping without a realtor would miss out on, Moriuchi says.

“When you combine that with our local expertise and personal service, it really makes a difference,” he says.

But the real estate market is tricky and always changing. Although it may be seemingly straightforward for anyone to look at home listings on the internet, buyers who go it alone are missing crucial information, says Moriuchi.

“Online, you can see price and statistics and photos,” he says. “But what you won’t see are all the subtle nuances that come with buying a house. How do neighborhoods change from one street to the next? Why are prices fluctuating? That’s when the advice of a realtor really becomes an advantage.”

“I grew up in this area, I understand those nuances. I know the statistics and the shadow inventory,” he says, explaining that’s his lingo for homes not on the market, but would be willing to sell. “An online listing or excel spreadsheet is not going to have the same insight that I have with a lifetime of experience and connections in this area.”

The Moriuchi Group knows what the area has to offer – and what it needs. One of the core principles of The Moriuchi Group is giving back to the community they serve. To date, the group has donated over $40,000 to more than a dozen local nonprofits, including The Moorestown Community House, Moorestown Friends School, The Boys and Girls Club of Camden County and The Joseph Fund. The idea, he says, was inspired by Moriuchi’s time as a student at Moorestown Friends School.

“It’s a notion that I grew up with – that you can achieve great things in life, that you can make money, but you have to have a positive impact on those around you,” says Moriuchi.

“If the community hadn’t welcomed my grandparents all those years ago, my life would be totally different today,” he adds. “That’s how I know that real estate can change lives, and that’s why I’m committed to giving back.”

The Moriuchi Group is deeply focused on serving the South Jersey community, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country hasn’t taken notice. Since Moorestown was dubbed one of the “Best Places to Live” by CNN/Money Magazine in 2005, Moriuchi’s listings have been featured on “House Hunters” and “HGTV.”

For Moriuchi, it’s just another way to show the nation what his hometown has to offer.

“It’s not just where we work. It’s where we live, where we grew up – and we want to help the people in that community the best we can,” he says. “For us, real estate is our way of having a positive impact on people’s lives.”


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The Moriuchi Group is a team of real estate broker-salespersons affiliated with Compass RE.
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