Republic Bank: Focusing on customers & community


Imagine you’re at work, and you’ve gone above and beyond while helping one of your customers. Suddenly a team of 5 people arrives with streamers, boas, party hats and noisemakers to congratulate you on a job well-done. It may look and sound like a party, but for Republic Bank employees, it’s just another day at the office. 

The personal recognition is all part of the Bank’s people-centric mission. Across 33 retail stores in the tristate area, Republic Bank team members are providing exemplary customer service all day, every day, while also serving the communities where they do business.  

Republic Bank prioritizes innovative culture that “surprises and delights” customers. That, in turn, gives employees a fulfilling purpose and plenty of room for career and personal development. In fact, Republic Bank was voted “Top Workplace” by the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023.

The bank has enhanced the value of its tuition reimbursement benefit for eligible employees, expanded continuing education offerings and formalized its career path program to increase upward mobility. “We’re particularly proud that 25% of our new hires have come through current employee referrals,” says Sharon Hammel, Republic Bank’s Executive Vice President/Chief Retail Officer. “It’s a great testament to our incredible culture.”

Customer service – in action 

Before being able to serve customers a full menu of retail and commercial bank services, every new hire at Republic Bank is introduced to the company’s 5 POWER principles:

P Promises are Always Kept
O One to Say Yes, 2 to Say No – Bump it Up! (Translation: colleagues should say “yes” to customers and call on management if they have to say “no.”)
W Welcome Everyone, Make Them Feel Special
E Exceed Customers’ Expectations Every Time
R Recover the Republic Way, Make Every Wrong Right

In her decade at the bank, Hammel has been wowed by all the times she has seen team members take these principles to heart. She has seen and heard stories of employees walking customers to their cars with an umbrella when it’s raining or driving to a customer’s home when there were papers to be signed and the person couldn’t make it into a retail store. 

“We want members of the Republic team to be fully engaged with everyone who supports what we do every day. We couldn’t be in business without them,” says Hammel.

Community service – in action

The Republic Bank team values and prioritizes making a difference in their communities. Working with many nonprofits – like The Food Bank of South Jersey, Habitat for Humanity of South Central New Jersey, LEAP Academy and Rutgers University, and Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia – team members volunteer countless hours to further the organizations’ missions and help change people’s lives for the better. 

An educational program for students, called “Money Zone,” teaches young people the importance of saving, creating a budget, understanding checking accounts and ATM transactions. Republic also offers a Future Banker & Financial Professionals Camp, where students from low-income areas are introduced to a promising career path in financial services.   

Focus on team

Additional aspects of the company’s vast reward and recognition program for employees include events where employees are selected to attend a breakfast with executive leadership and receive awards presented by their managers. There’s also a lively gathering for all employees that includes leadership speeches, team-building activities and the announcement of annual awards. With appreciation of its employees at the forefront of Republic Bank culture, it’s no surprise that so many start in entry-level positions at the bank and build their entire careers there.  

“Every member of the Republic team steps up when needed, working extra hours, going to another store location to help, making our mark in the community,” says Hammel. “At Republic Bank, we regularly witness our employees doing what’s best for our customers – and our communities.”