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Regional Cancer Care Associates

Every time patients step into Regional Cancer Care Associates’ (RCCA) Mount Holly office, they’re immediately reminded that they are much more than a diagnosis.

“Our approach is to treat each patient as a whole, not just their disease,” says Rachel Levenbach, MD. “We work very hard to make sure our patients don’t feel like just a number. We use the same drugs and treatments as large hospitals and offices, just in a more compassionate, close- knit environment.”


Dr. Rachel Levenbach

This warm, caring environment, says Dr. Levenbach, allows her and the team of expert RCCA physicians, nurses and medical staff to work closely with patients and their caregivers to ensure that they are an active part of the treatment team in a way that is patient-focused, life-enriching and research-based.

“Our patients are turning to us during what is often a time of life or death, and we take that responsibility and trust very seriously. They’re trusting what we do, and they need to know that we care about them,” says Dr.  Levenbach. “By getting to really know each patient, we’re also able to better personalize and target their treatment options and know what’s normal or abnormal for every individual as they go through therapy.”

Dr. Levenbach and the RCCA team have extensive experience treating every type of cancer, and since their Mount Holly office is part of one of the largest oncology physician networks in the United States, they also have increased access to more than 300 groundbreaking clinical trials.

“Being part of the RCCA network means we’re able to provide the highest-quality, comprehensive and cutting-edge treatments in a compassionate and community-based setting,” Dr. Levenbach says.

Dr. Levenbach, who specializes in medical oncology and hematology, completed her residency at Temple University Hospital and fellowship at Fox Chase Cancer Center/Temple University Hospital. She, along with RCCA Mount Holly doctors Maurice Cairoli, MD; Seth Howard Berk, MD; James Lee, MD; and Stephen Wallace, MD, work in close collaboration with each patient’s primary care physician and local hospitals to coordinate care.

“In many cases, our team of doctors also provides full primary care for our patients, because when they’re sick and undergoing treatment, we understand that the last thing they feel like doing is going from doctor to doctor,” says Dr. Levenbach. “We’ll handle things like mammograms, colonoscopies, antibiotics and blood pressure medication for our patients so it’s one less thing they have to worry about.”

However, the RCCA team’s holistic approach to care goes well beyond just medical tests and treatments, says Dr. Levenbach.

“For patients going through chemo-therapy or other treatments, things like nutrition, exercise and mental well-being play a huge part in their recovery. We work to address all those needs and help them try to live as normal a life as possible while they’re under our care,” she says.

“When you have a cancer diagnosis, it often gets in the way of life. It can be very easy to lay in your house and not want to go out. But we’re here to help you live your life, well beyond your diagnosis.”


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