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Pamela Downes

Founding Partner, REV Creative Group
For Pamela Downes, the first step to creating a brand’s image is to fully understand and buy into her clients’ mission.

“Being in a creative space, your talents are precious gifts,” says Downes, a founding partner at REV Creative Group. “To best represent a brand, we have to completely believe in their vision. The brands we work with know that they aren’t just another client – they’re a business we completely believe in.”

Downes partnered with another Pam – Pam Collins, in 2018 to form REV Creative Group, a full-service marketing and communication agency that believes in building purposeful brands that create memorable connections.

“We work with the right people doing the right work for the right reasons,” Downes says, noting that they work with companies of all sizes including businesses looking to reimagine their marketing, startups and nonprofits.

Downes started down this path shortly after graduating from Moore College of Art and Design. At 24, she became the art director for an arts and culture magazine in Philadelphia.
“They took a risk with me being so young,” she says, “But I got a chance, I stepped up and I created a name for myself in the industry.”

As the visual half of REV, Downes came into the partnership with experience as a creative director and entrepreneur, having owned her own business, Downes Designs, for nearly 20 years.

“I was excited to have a partner after all these years,” Downes says. “It was a natural move to partner with someone I knew did tremendous work.”
Her success, she says, comes from the relationships she forms with her clients.

“I’ve never tried to be anyone I’m not,” she says. “It allows me to connect with them on a level that I’m really proud of, and that I think helps us create better work.”

“We are very invested in our clients,” she continues. “Their success is our success.”


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