Pam Boyd & Liz Thomas

Celebrating Decades of Client Success

Liz Thomas and Pam Boyd are always making news – even though you’re not likely to read their names in the headlines. Co-founders of Thomas/Boyd Communications (TBC), this public relations and marketing duo are usually found behind the scenes shining a light on some of the region’s most interesting and impactful businesses, projects and nonprofits.

Pam Boyd & Liz Thomas, Co-Founders, Thomas/Boyd Communications

“The knowledge of what the field of public relations is has grown exponentially over the years,” says Boyd. “Fading are the days of people asking, ‘What is PR?’ Or not understanding that we put clients out in front, not ourselves.”

That’s not to say their work goes unnoticed. Quite the opposite, Thomas and Boyd’s work continues to be recognized, helping the firm grow even during tough times. TBC’s services cover a wide array of communication needs – from strategic communications to public relations, content development, digital and social media management and marketing. The owners are proud of how much work comes through its doors via word of mouth.

“From a PR standpoint, the pandemic created communications challenges, but it also created opportunities. We were able to use that to our clients’ greatest advantage.”

“We are recognized as problem solvers, and there was never a time in my lifetime that was filled with so many communications problems and challenges than those we all faced during the pandemic,” says Thomas. “I would go so far as to say our services were valued even more during those 15 months than any other time – our clients were extremely grateful to be able to call on us 24/7.”

“The TBC philosophy centers around teamwork – whether working internally or functioning as part of an internal communications team that needs added support,” she adds.

Thomas and Boyd went into business together in 1998, when Thomas, who was Boyd’s boss at a public relations firm, approached her about starting a company together – as partners.

“You’d think there could be a power struggle when you go into business with someone who previously was your boss, but it’s been an amazing partnership since day one,” says Boyd.

Over the course of more than two decades, the premise that all ideas are good ideas and that everyone who works at TBC has their own voice and opinions has been a hallmark of their success. The TBC team is comprised of talented industry professionals – all of whom bring different experiences and perspectives into each account.

“Pam and I invite everyone to have a seat at the decision-making table,” says Thomas. “I always talk to the team about learning the business of the business, so they understand account structure and ultimately how we make money. That learning and growing environment is one we strive to create.”

“During the pandemic, our team remained focused and well-connected while working virtually,” says Boyd. “Everyone knew how much was at stake for us and for all of our clients, so creative thinking and continuing to work as a team was never so important.”

Thomas and Boyd are glad those days are over and are pleased to have the team back together in their Moorestown office.

“While we made it through, there is nothing like a staff meeting in person, reviewing client needs and creating meaningful communications for our diverse client base,” says Boyd.


5 Marketing Tips For Every Business

The team at Thomas/Boyd Communications has some tried-and-true tips to kickstarting your business marketing strategy.

1. Define your brand

What is my brand? Is it meaningful and relevant for what I am trying to accomplish today? Every few years it’s good to revisit those questions.

2. Create a plan

Whether it’s 10 pages or written on the back of a napkin, your PR/marketing plan should set realistic goals and expectations, and whenever possible be supported with some advertising dollars.

3. Define your target audience

Who are you trying to reach? Creating marketing personas – a representation of your ideal customer based on market research and other data – for your primary and secondary audiences can help as you map out your “buyer’s journey” to help you meet your business goals.

4. Create meaningful messaging

After identifying your target audience, the next important step is the creation of your message. Your message defines you, so whether it’s funny, thoughtful, serious, creative, long or short, in a narrative or a visual format, it will serve as the centerpiece of your outreach efforts.

5. Deploy your message

Identifying and using the right platforms to disseminate your information will be the key to your success. A mix of public/media relations, social media channels, ads and events will amplify and extend your reach.

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