2024 South Jersey’s FACE of Cancer Care

Next-Generation Cancer Care Close to Home

James W. Lee, MD, Rachel Levenbach, MD, Stephen G. Wallace, MD, Maurice J. Cairoli, MD, Seth H. Berk, MD

“You don’t need to cross the bridge to get the care and support you need.”


Hearing the words “you have cancer” can turn your world upside down. At Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), patients find not only leading-edge treatment but also a caring, family-like environment that can provide that much-needed extra support. “We are a small, warm and welcoming practice located right in Moorestown,” says Rachel Levenbach, MD, a specialist in Medical Oncology and Hematology. “We’re also part of an extensive network which allows us to offer the latest, most up-to-date cancer care close to home. You don’t need to cross the bridge to get the care and support you need.” 

Convenience is a significant benefit for RCCA patients. Most patients live within five to 30 minutes of the practice, reducing the strain of frequent treatments and allowing quick access when they feel unwell. With five practitioners and a dedicated team of nurses, social workers and support staff, patients receive personalized care from professionals who live and work in the same community. 

Affiliation with RCCA network provides access to larger clinical trials and the latest treatment options. Tumor boards meet multiple times a week, bringing together medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists and social workers to discuss cases from multiple perspectives. “We can join different tumor boards every day, allowing us to consult with various specialties,” Dr. Levenbach says. “We can offer the newest chemotherapy and specialty agents. We can also work with bigger pharmacies and can secure grants to make treatments affordable.” 

One of the most exciting advances in cancer treatment is individualized medicine, according to Dr. Levenbach. “We can take a patient’s tissue or tumor, send it for specific genetic testing and use that information to tailor targeted therapy,” she explains. “For example, two patients with similar lung cancers might receive different treatments based on their genetic profiles. We’ve seen patients respond very well to this approach. Not only are they living longer, but they are also enjoying a better quality of life.”  


• Integrative Care

• Palliative Care

• Hematology

• Chemotherapy

• Immunotherapy

• Infusion Therapy

• Targeted Therapy

• Hormone Therapy


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