Naoji Moriuchi

Naoji Moriuchi
Owner, The Moriuchi Group @Compass


Changing lives through real estate

For Naoji Moriuchi, one real estate transaction was enough to change the entire course of his family’s path for generations.

During World War II, his Japanese-American grandparents were forced to uproot their lives and enter Japanese internment camps. They did not know each other yet, but his grandmother was sent to Rohwer and his grandfather was sent to Amache. Both of their families lost everything. For Tak Moriuchi, Naoji’s grandfather, that was his family’s farm in California.

But here in NJ, in 1944 the Quaker community was doing outreach work with Japanese Americans, so Tak Moriuchi was able to resettle on a farm on Kresson Road in Haddonfield.

In the ’70s, Naoji’s grandfather and father expanded their farm from the Cherry Hill area to Moorestown.

“The people here rallied together and helped my grandfather get back on his feet to the point where he was able to buy a piece of land in Cherry Hill and then another piece,” says Moriuchi, who grew up and worked on the farm in Moorestown. “That’s how I know real estate has the power to change lives.”

“It really is about so much more than the house – it’s about family, community and a better future.”

Moriuchi owns Moorestown’s The Moriuchi Group, a leading team at Compass, a real estate technology company and brokerage firm. He believes his success doesn’t just come from decades of experience in real estate – it comes from his role as a member of the community.

“This isn’t just where I work – it’s where I grew up, where I live, where I’m raising my family,” says Moriuchi. “That gives me and my team a deeper understanding of the area, so clients benefit from that when they’re looking for their next home.”

Moriuchi has always been active in his community. He’s been a volunteer fireman, a coach and a member of the Moorestown Rotary Club. Recently, he was appointed to the Moorestown Planning Board, where he’s helping to shape decisions that help the community.

“There are really exciting things happening in Moorestown – from redevelopment at the Moorestown Mall to potentially having breweries. I love being part of the process of thinking of the long-term growth of the town and ensuring it remains healthy and vibrant,” says Moriuchi, who, as an Asian American, is excited to add a diverse perspective to local boards and government committees.

The Moriuchi Group is deeply focused on serving the South Jersey community, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country hasn’t taken notice. Since Moorestown was dubbed one of the “Best Places to Live” by CNN/Money Magazine in 2005, Moriuchi’s listings have been featured on “House Hunters” and “HGTV.”

For Moriuchi, it’s just another way to show the nation what his hometown has to offer.

“Real estate allows me and my team to connect with people to help them achieve their goals,” he says. “Maybe the next chapter of their lives means moving from the city to the suburbs, or maybe they’re contemplating that scary career leap into real estate. It really is about so much more than the house – it’s about family, community and a better future.”


Navigating the Pandemic Market

The real estate market is hot right now as the pandemic has changed the way we look at our homes – and what we need in them, says Naoji Moriuchi.

“Home is more important now than ever. It’s become a sanctuary for all of us,” says Moriuchi. “When everything first started changing, it threw everyone for a loop, and that caused us to change our approach quickly.”

Moriuchi’s team was ahead of the curve. With Compass’ technology platform, they were able to offer services like virtual open houses and showings. Now that many homes on the market often sell at lightening speed, Moriuchi stresses the importance of having an experienced professional on your side.

“This is not the time to work with someone just getting their real estate license,” he says. “You really need an experienced team of agents that can find properties and negotiate deals.”

That’s where his team approach comes in handy, he says.

“We have a team of quality agents who live and work in this community. We’re able to identify properties for our clients that aren’t even on the market yet,” says Moriuchi.

Moriuchi has one key piece of advice for homebuyers in today’s market: Make sure you’re using all the tools available to be as competitive as possible.

“Online, you can see prices, statistics and photos,” he says. “But what you won’t see are all the subtle nuances that come with buying a house. How do neighborhoods change from one street to the next? Why are prices fluctuating? That’s when the advice of a Realtor really becomes an advantage. An online listing is not going to have the same insight that I have with a lifetime of experience and connections in this area.”



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