Monterey Prime American Grill: Old World Luxury Meets Modern Elegance


It’s time to bring back a bygone era, one where the warmth of plush leather and the soft glow of ambient lighting create an atmosphere that harkens back to a time when dining was not just about the food, but so much more.

It’s not hard to find that old-world luxury right here in South Jersey. Monterey Prime American Grill in Mt. Laurel offers a comfortable, upscale steakhouse experience that creates nostalgic elegance through a premium food menu, exceptional service, an extensive wine list and expertly crafted signature cocktails.

“Luxury experiences should be inviting, not intimidating,” says Dave Magrogan, CEO and Founder of the Dave Magrogan Group, the award-winning and nationally recognized full-service hospitality management company behind Monterey Grill. “It is really about offering a premium experience that is also approachable.”

Magrogan founded the Dave Magrogan Group in 2003, expanding his portfolio over the years with chic  spots that landed on everyone’s must-visit lists. However, Magrogan is best known for launching the farm-to-table Harvest Seasonal Grill brand in 2010, establishing 8 locations, including one in Moorestown.

Monterrey, he says, came from a desire to take the very best elements of Harvest and elevate it for a more upscale offering. 

Guests can begin their evenings in the restaurant’s “M” Lounge, a sophisticated bar area where you can unwind and savor in understated elegance. Live music every Wednesday through Saturday sets the perfect scene for happy hour, an after-dinner drink or a night out. 

Monterey’s cocktail menu elevates the traditional bar/lounge offerings with the classic cocktails you may expect from a steakhouse lounge, like their Filthy Martini, as well as premium signature drinks, such as its best-seller, The Trail to Monterey, an effervescent tequila-based concoction enhanced with grapefruit soda.  

And while time spent in the lounge has all the makings of a delightful night out, the experience is elevated even further in the dining room. 

Under the guidance of Executive Chef and former Hell’s Kitchen contestant Andrew Pearce and Sous Chef Sally Ibrahim, the culinary team at Monterey Grill is committed to delivering an unmatched dining experience. The commitment to quality in every area extends through each part of the service, whether you’re ordering a cocktail and a half dozen East and West Coast oysters at the bar or embracing the steakhouse concept with a Dry-Aged NY Strip Steak topped with a Gorgonzola Crust and Buttered Lobster Tail.

“Chef Andrew Pearce understands that every plate on the menu delivers an experience to our guests,” says Magrogan. “We source food through a mixture of local and premium options. Our goal is to find the best, which often means food from right here in South Jersey.”

Every member of the Monterey Grill team plays their role in crafting a night of exquisite dining personalized for each guest. The staff training, driven by operating partner Shaun O’Mara, emphasizes not only the importance of specialized food and beverage knowledge but also the significance of general life principles

“Our dinner menu, cocktail and wine list offer creative options for the experienced premium guest and guests new to upscale dining. Monterey is a comfortable and approachable experience with something for everyone,” says Magrogan. 

The goal, he says, is to create a space for people to gather and unwind – whether they’re looking for a lively night surrounded by others in the dining room and lounge or they want to curate a more intimate evening in one of the 3 private dining rooms.

 “We are thrilled with our location next to the Aloft hotel, it provides ample parking and very easy access to all the major highways in South Jersey,” adds Magrogan. “When guests step into Monterey Prime American Grill I believe they will be delighted by the ambiance, impressed by the level of hospitality, and they will fall in love with our craveable dishes, exceptional wines and bold cocktails.”  

558 Fellowship Rd. Mt. Laurel