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Michael A. Weinberg, Esq.

1Michael A. Weinberg’s education in matrimonial law began long before he entered law school.
“My father practiced in the field of matrimonial law, and I grew up watching him and learning from him,” Weinberg says. “I saw that although it can be a challenging practice, it’s also an area where you can really make a difference in someone’s life.”
The family law attorney says he approaches each case differently, because the circumstances of his clients vary widely. He prides himself on his ability to help his clients determine the most important aspects of their case and focus on achieving a positive outcome.
“You have to adjust based on your client and their circumstances,” Weinberg says. “I use the client’s objectives and the facts of the case to mold my approach and advance the client’s best interests. The primary concern of a mother of young children may be custody, while a business owner may also be focused upon finances and the valuation of a business. We assist our clients most by keeping
the focus on what is most important to them.”
Weinberg excels in communicating with his clients, a skill he honed as an adjunct professor
and frequent lecturer.
“When I was teaching, I had to learn to speak to my students about legal issues in plain language  so the concept could be easily understood,” Weinberg says. “I think that’s helpful whether you’re talking to a client or future lawyers, or presenting to a judge.”
Weinberg, who is Certified as a Matrimonial law attorney in the State of NJ, is a Master in the Thomas S. Forkin Inns of Court, serves as an Officer of the NJ State Bar Family Law Executive Committee and is the Associate Managing Editor of New Jersey Family Lawyer.
“There’s a constant exchange of dialogue and ideas, and that can help you see something differently,” he says. “The area of practice is ever-evolving, and there’s always room for improvement. It makes you a better lawyer.”
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