Medical Rejuvenation Solutions: New Hope in Diabetes Care

Living with diabetes often means adapting to a new normal, where careful attention to blood sugar levels, diet and exercise becomes an integral part of daily life. This chronic condition can lead to complications that cause pain and discomfort, significantly impacting one’s quality of life and comfort. 

Many find their way to Medical Rejuvenation Solutions in search of relief from their Diabetes symptoms. Clinical Director Nicole Bock, DNP, APN explains that the center’s approach, which addresses the root cause of diabetes and other metabolic diseases, often surprises patients with its effectiveness.

“Many of our patients come to us severely impaired with neuropathy, experiencing significant pain,” says Bock, a nurse practitioner with extensive experience in chronic pain and diabetes management. “Once they begin treatment, we see remarkable improvements. They start walking better, feeling less fatigued and gaining better control over their disease. What’s more, many are able to reduce their dependence on medication, effectively taking back control of their lives.”

With clinics in Marlton and Galloway Twp., Medical Rejuvenation Solutions’ unique program goes well beyond just managing diabetes symptoms. The clinic’s groundbreaking treatment, Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR), addresses the disease at its core by focusing on the body’s response to insulin, the hormone crucial for regulating blood sugar.

The treatment uses a portable pump to deliver FDA-approved fast-acting insulin directly into the bloodstream. PIR allows for lowered insulin resistance, helping blood sugar get into every cell more easily and converted to energy more effectively. When cellular energy is increased, damaged organs and tissue can begin to repair and regenerate. 

“Our method carefully doses insulin to act more like a natural hormone, stimulating the body’s metabolism in alignment with its normal insulin use,” Bock says.

While there is no ultimate cure for diabetes, PIR treatment – used to treat not just diabetes but other metabolic disorders, prediabetes and insulin resistance – can drastically improve the wellbeing of those who are resistant to traditional insulin therapy. 

“It’s really gratifying to see the reversal of typical diabetes treatment trends, where people are actually reducing their medications,” says Bock. “It’s quite remarkable because I’m more accustomed to seeing the opposite happen.”

Each patient’s treatment journey at Medical Rejuvenation Solutions is customized. New patients consult with medical professionals to tailor their care plan. After an intensive start – typically 2-to-3 hour infusions two  times per week for the first three weeks – session frequency decreases, with regular lab checks for personalized adjustments.

Founder Eric Harkaway emphasizes collaboration with other healthcare providers, accepting Medicare and most major insurance plans. “We work with podiatrists, primary-care physicians, endocrinologists, all of a patient’s doctors, because we all have the same goal: to help the patient,” he adds.

A great thing about the setup at Medical Rejuvenation Solutions is the social aspect of the infusion sessions, adds Bock. They’re not just medical appointments; they’re like group support sessions for people living with diabetes

“It’s really cool how our sessions turn into a friendly space where people learn and connect,” she says. “Someone asks a question, and suddenly others realize they’re wondering the same thing. It leads to great conversations, building friendships and offering support all around.” 


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