LaNette Keeton

Providing Excellent Care When It’s Needed Most

LaNette Keeton has one goal: to make sure no one is overlooked.

The CEO of Serenity Home Healthcare & Nursing Solutions feels passionately about providing the best care for people in need – whether that is skilled at-home personal nursing care, respite care, companion services or at-home infusion treatments. To her, it’s personal.

LaNette Keeton, CEO, Serenity Home Healthcare & Nursing Solutions

Keeton’s son, Andre, was a very happy child, she says – always smiling, laughing and giving hugs. He was handicapped, and LaNette didn’t feel he received quality nursing services. “We didn’t feel respected,” says Keeton. “The nurses often didn’t show up or they didn’t give us the type of help he needed when they were here. It was very, very hurtful to not get the help we needed.”

When Andre passed away in 2008 at 23 years old, Keeton decided that was her cue to create the type of home healthcare and nursing services agency that she so desperately wanted for her son. In 2012, Serenity first began caring for patients.

“I’ve always been a nurturer,” she says. “I’ve always liked taking care of people. It’s just who I am, so I started to build a team of people with compassion and empathy – people who have a heart. To work with patients, you really have to be patient and caring, especially when you are working with children or seniors.”

She immediately saw how her company would be different.

“I was working as one of our home health aides when I first started the company, and I shed a few tears when I met my first patient,” she says. “It would have meant so much to me to have services like this for my son.”

“I’ve always been a nurturer. I’ve always liked taking care of people. It’s just who I am, so I started to build a team of people with compassion and empathy – people who have a heart.”

Even in her current role as CEO, Keeton still makes sure to establish a personal connection with each patient. She reaches out to every client to introduce herself, and let them know if they need anything, she’ll take care of it.

In the more than a decade since launching her business, she’s taken her company to a new level, even going so far as to achieve one of her long-time goals shortly after pandemic restrictions began to lift: expanding her services across the country. She has recently set up at-home infusion centers in Florida and is currently expanding to Arizona. Adding home infusion services for clients in their home is just one way she continues to contribute to the community and ensure her clients receive the best in care.

But that’s not to say it was easy, she notes. The road to building this business presented a lot of obstacles.

“As an African American woman, being in business can be hard,” says Keeton. “People didn’t feel comfortable with me. They didn’t trust me. I faced racism and harassment that never went away – the more successful you are, the more they come after you.”

But the challenges have only helped her grow, she says. And having experienced one of the worst catastrophes a parent can face, she says she discovered what it meant to be a leader.

“I realized that as a leader, I needed to make a lot of sacrifices to ensure that everyone in my circle is safe,” she says. “This includes my family and friends as well as my employees, my clients, business associates, acquaintances and so on. I want to positively impact the lives of everyone I touch.”

“If I can do my part, as a leader to make the world around me a little better,” she adds, “then I will have accomplished my life’s mission.”


What to look for in home health services

If you’re looking for home health services, ask the people you trust – your friends, family, neighbors, says LaNette Keeton. Marketing campaigns can be a powerful thing, but when you really want to know what the experience is like, ask people who have been there.

“Your recommendation reflects who you are as a person, so people tend to only recommend a place they feel strongly is a good fit,” says Keeton. “This way, you know you’re getting the best, most compassionate care out there.”

Keeton also urges you to find an agency that is knowledgeable about insurance and will work with you to help figure out what care you’re eligible for.

“Finding a service that provides compassionate care through great recommendations is one thing,” she says, “but if you don’t know if you’re eligible or you don’t know if you can pay for it, none of that matters.” | 856-344-7982