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Kadar Orthodontics

For 25 years, Kadar Orthodontics has been treating each patient as a unique individual while using the best technology available.

“We combine the latest technology with an old-fashioned mom and pop mentality,” says Tom Kadar, DDS, founder of Kadar Orthodontics. “Each person’s smile is a puzzle that we have to figure out the best way to solve. My associate Dr. Marc Morrell and I create a custom treatment plan for each patient. We give great attention to detail and use the latest techniques of imaging and materials to create the best smile possible for each patient.”

alex-with-tom-in-backOne of the guiding principles at Kadar Orthodontics is the idea that patients shouldn’t have to wait long – not for their results, and certainly not for their doctor. Kadar Orthodontics utilizes a unique system for scheduling appointments.

“It’s so precise,” says Kadar, “that 93 percent of patients are seen within six minutes of their scheduled appointment time. We value the patient’s time and are constantly pushing to stay on time so our patients don’t waste time waiting.”

Treating patients well and keeping wait times minimal is a “total team effort,” Kadar says, and the success of Kadar Orthodontics comes down to the skill and expertise of the Kadar Team. “I believe in hiring really nice people who are compassionate,” he adds. “I get compliments every day on how great our staff is – we like making a connection with each of our patients.”

That friendly and welcoming atmosphere, in addition to top-notch results, makes Kadar Orthodontics a popular choice. When we complete the treatment process, the new “Kadar Smile” is our best advertisement. The satisfaction shows on their face, and their friends and family notice.

“We find that Kadar Smiles are contagious – they get passed down to friends, relatives and new generations within families,” Kadar adds. “Our biggest compliment is when the siblings or children of patients come in for treatment – it’s the best vote of confidence.”

Although 70 percent of Kadar Orthodontics’ patients are teens, their great results have attracted more adult patients. Kadar Orthodontics has several options for adults who have always wanted a straighter smile but are not so keen on having braces as an adult.

kadarkarnival_docs_blueshirt-v2If a patient is worried about how braces will look, we recommend Invisalign, a series of aligners that gently and gradually move your teeth into the correct position. The aligners are made of clear plastic that is virtually invisible and are removable to make eating and brushing your teeth easier.

For younger patients, Dr. Kadar offers the best experience possible with braces: the Damon System, which minimizes discomfort and can lessen treatment time by up to six months. These advances in technology mean our patients visit our office less frequently – every 10-12 weeks instead of once a month.

In addition to employing the best technology and producing great results, Kadar strives to make his office a fun place that’s deeply rooted in their community. Throughout the year, Kadar Orthodontics participates in community events, supports local schools and charities and even holds an annual carnival that’s free to patients and their families.

“We love our patients, so it’s important to us that they get great results,” says Kadar. “Seeing the joy when a patient sees their new smile for the first time…it’s one of the best parts of my job. Our reward is a patient who can’t stop smiling.”


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