Inspira Health: A culture of caring


Inspira employees can earn a degree or certification with little or no out of pocket cost.

Anneliese McMenamin was two years into a new job as a health system executive when she received a call from a former colleague who was now the president and CEO of a health system in South Jersey. That CEO, Amy Mansue of Inspira Health, asked Anneliese to meet her for dinner. McMenamin knew immediately that Mansue wanted to talk about a job opportunity. And she was certain her answer would be no.

During dinner, McMenamin was drawn in by Mansue’s passion for helping people, particularly the people in the community she was now serving as the leader of a regional community health system.

Anneliese McMenamin

“She looked at me and said, ‘We’re taking care of our neighbors, their family members. We’re trying to make life better in the community we work and live in.”

“I called my husband on the way home and said, ‘I think I have a new job,’” continues McMenamin, who joined Inspira as senior vice president and chief human resources officer in 2021. She became part of a leadership team – one that is constantly exploring new ways to encourage people to enter the field of health care.

“When it comes to job opportunities, we’re like our own little city,” she says. “From clinical to administrative to support roles, we have positions for people from almost every industry – finance, IT, engineering, food service, marketing and guest services, to name a few. And we are focused on making health care, and Inspira in particular, a very attractive choice.”

As McMenamin tells it, shortly after Mansue arrived at Inspira, employee focus groups were created to help guide the reimaging of the organization’s mission, vision, and values. During the process, many employees made it clear that they didn’t see how they fit into the existing mission. In response, Inspira’s new mission calls out “the support of employees” as a key tenet, absolutely necessary for the organization’s future success.

“The intent was to make it very clear that we listened, and are committed to creating an award-winning work environment,” said McMenamin.

This effort has paid dividends, with Inspira Health being recognized in both New Jersey and Philadelphia as a Top Workplace in 2022. These honors are based on surveys filled out by Inspira employees.

To create an award-winning workplace, Inspira thought outside the box to create a diverse set of programs that benefit employees in many ways. A Premier Partnership with Rowan College of South Jersey offers a 50% tuition discount to full-time, part-time and per diem employees, for both clinical and non-clinical programs. When combined with Inspira’s tuition reimbursement program, full-time employees can take classes, even earn an associate’s degree, with virtually no out of pocket expenses. Other programs in development including training for respiratory therapists, paramedics, lab technologists, scrub techs and a pathway for LPNs to become RNs.

“The message is clear, McMenamin says. “If you come work for Inspira, you can become a nurse with little or no out of pocket expense. The same is true for many other programs offered by the college. And in some cases, we can provide loan forgiveness for recent graduates.”

“Covid has taught us to recognize that people have ambitions and talents outside of their current roles, and sometimes they just need the resources and support to get there,” says McMenamin. “When we better support our employees, we can better support our patients and the community. Everyone wins.”

In addition to the unprecedented benefits for Inspira employees, the training opportunities are also creating a motivated and well-trained workforce, McMenamin says. Inspira’s reputation for clinical excellence and patient safety has received national and regional recognition. The Vineland, Elmer and Bridgeton campuses have earned national Magnet designation for nursing excellence, and Inspira Mullica Hill has earned Pathway to Excellence designation, also recognizing the Nursing team. Additionally, Vineland, Elmer and Mullica Hill all earned A’s on the most recent Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.

Transparency and two-way communications, between leadership and employees, also promote a positive work environment and are keys to Inspira’s success, says McMenamin.

“We host monthly employee town hall sessions that hundreds of employees participate in,” she says. “These sessions are focused on providing employees with information and listening to their needs and suggestions.”

Additionally, there are other opportunities for employees to engage with senior leaders, including frequent rounding by Mansue, McMenamin and other members of the leadership team. Impromptu conversations are also welcomed at employee events and other gatherings.

“The message is clear. If you come work for Inspira, you can become a nurse with little or no out of pocket expense. The same is true for many other programs offered by the college (Rowan College of South Jersey).”

And now, Inspira’s focus on transparency and open communications will expand to the team at Salem Medical Center, who officially joined the Inspira family in mid-December. Over the next year, Inspira leadership will engage with the Salem team as they fully become part of Inspira Health.

Across Inspira, McMenamin is proud of the bond employees have with the community. This connection has fostered a culture in which staff are highly motivated to give back.

“Inspira staff are very involved in community outreach,” says McMenamin. “It is another way to support our mission and create a healthier community. Whether supporting a sock drive for those who are homeless, delivering Thanksgiving meals to those in need, or participating in community fundraising events, the Inspira team always comes through. They also support and watch out for each other every day, and by contributing to our Employee Crisis Fund.”

“We also know how to have a fun,” she adds. “Our Employee Service Awards programs and annual Inspira Family Fun Days at Morey’s Piers are great ways to celebrate and enjoy each others’ company. We love to have fun and celebrate the great work of the Inspira family.”


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