2024 South Jersey’s FACE of Cosmetic Surgery: Lyle M. Back, MD, FACS

Innovative techniques bring a happier you

Lyle M. Back, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“We perform more facial rejuvenation procedures in one year than many plastic surgeons do in their entire careers.”


To Board Cerified Plastic Surgeon Lyle M. Back, MD, a facelift is much more than skin deep. His procedures are opportunities to transform a person’s outer appearance to reflect their inner essence, accentuating natural beauty and personal spirit through subtle refinements.

“People often say they want to look younger, but what they really want is to look happier,” says Dr. Back. 

The Look Fabulous Now (LFN) Lift is pivotal in achieving this, utilizing advanced, minimally invasive techniques that eliminate the need for general anesthesia, reducing recovery time from a six-week slog to a more manageable week to ten-day period.

“A once daunting 6-hour surgery is now a 2-hour procedure that’s as gentle as it is effective,” says Dr. Back. “Operating with local anesthesia requires precision and gentleness, allowing artistry and sophistication to take the lead, which improves results.”

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Cherry Hill, patients enjoy a “California style” luxury experience where every procedure is customized with precision. The LFN Lift includes enhancements like neck contouring and jawline tightening, performed through carefully hidden incisions discreetly placed behind the ear or within natural skin creases. Patients often opt to add complementary procedures such as eyelid lifts or laser resurfacing during the same visit.

This innovative approach has widened the appeal of facelifts, particularly among those in their mid-40s to mid-50s who are going for sophisticated, barely noticeable enhancements. “It’s an accessible option for younger people who get to enjoy the procedure when it may have the most impact and enjoy the benefits longer,” Dr. Back says.

His expertise ranks him among a select group of surgeons worldwide skilled in advanced facelift techniques without general anesthesia. “We perform more facial rejuvenation procedures in one year than many plastic surgeons do in their entire careers,” he says.

Dr. Back shares his knowledge with residents training in plastic surgery as a volunteer faculty member at Cooper University Medical School of Rowan University. He is dedicated to passing on his expertise and insights to make these less invasive techniques more widely available.  

“To be frank, it’s very easy to make someone’s face look tight,” he says. “But the real art of cosmetic surgery is not about achieving extreme changes. My goal is for my clients to still look like themselves – just better. They look refreshed, healthier and, most importantly, happier.” 


Look Fabulous Now (LFN) Lift:

• Minimally Invasive: Shorter, safer procedure with local anesthesia.
• Quick Recovery: Socially presentable in 7-10 days.
• Customized Results: Tailored to individual facial structures for natural outcomes.
• Cost-Effective: Expenses reduced by as much as 50% without general anesthesia.


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