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Dr. Louis Manara, Infertility Specialist

“IVF has changed so dramatically over the years. Every day brings new developments, making it so exciting.”


When Louis Manara, DO, was a young doctor training to become a fertility specialist, the world witnessed the birth of the first baby conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Great Britain. It was a milestone that revolutionized reproductive medicine. 

By the time he completed his fellowship, IVF had captured the attention of fertility specialists across the United States. Dr. Manara led the charge in New Jersey by establishing the state’s first IVF program at what is now the Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine.

“It was fortuitous timing,” says Dr. Manara, recalling his early days as the medical school’s director of reproductive endocrinology. “Initially, we only had a few patients because there was a lot of fear surrounding IVF. Its applications were limited, and success rates were low. But like everything else in this field, IVF has changed so dramatically over the years. Every day brings new developments, making it so exciting.” 

Today, the Center for Reproductive Medicine & Fertility, founded by Dr. Manara, offers highly customized IVF treatment cycles along with various other personalized services, including fertility assessments, egg freezing and ovulation-inducing medications. Each strategy is designed to maximize conception chances, helping patients achieve their dreams of parenthood.

New, significant advances in treating male infertility have also reshaped the field. 

“When I began my fellowship, options for men with low or abnormal sperm counts were limited, often involving basic surgical interventions by urologists,” Dr. Manara says. The game-changer came in the early ’90s with the introduction of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This technique uses precision equipment to inject a single sperm directly into an egg, effectively overcoming many challenges of male infertility.

Recent breakthroughs in genetic testing have further enhanced the center’s capabilities. “We can now extract cells from an embryo and check for many genetic abnormalities,” Dr. Manara explains. “This precision also allows us to avoid transferring embryos at high risk of developing early-life cancers, an invaluable option for families with known genetic risks.”

The recent addition of Michael Dougherty, MD, has further strengthened the team. “He’s a highly skilled physician who brings extensive expertise in genetics, which is increasingly vital in our specialty,” says Dr. Manara, adding that his new partner’s approach aligns with the office’s culture of compassionate care and taking the time to understand and support patients. 

“It’s so important,” Dr. Manara says. “Many of our patients arrive feeling lost and alone. We’re fortunate to have a genuinely nurturing staff that diligently addresses patients’ needs, easing the administrative burdens so they can focus on their treatment journey.”


Advanced Fertility Services:
Offering cutting-edge IVF, artificial insemination, and options for egg and embryo preservation.

Precision Genetic Screening: 
Utilizes the latest technology for detailed genetic testing and embryo selection.

Personalized Care:
Prioritizes patient goals with tailored treatments and rapid, effective results.


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