If it feels like Coronavirus could be lurking on every door handle, grocery store cart and park bench, that’s because it’s possible that it is. In the midst of a pandemic, clean is the name of the game. (Just think about how many times you’ve washed your hands in the past two months.) But this virus is tough, and soap and water isn’t always enough. The disinfection professionals at Germ-Nix already knew that – they’ve been keeping South Jersey safe for years.

“These extreme cleaning and disinfecting practices may be the new normal to many people, but it has always been our normal,” says Robert DiNunzio, president of Germ-Nix, a professional disinfection company. “Other companies will try to start up and add on to their existing company, perhaps even take advantage of this pandemic, but they do not have the foundation, knowledge or desire to truly help in this crisis.”

“Being safe means being clean,” he adds. “We want to make a difference in our local communities by giving people access to the disinfecting capabilities you normally only see in hospitals or doctor’s offices.”

Germ-Nix was born from Legion Building Services, a healthcare-exclusive cleaning company DiNunzio started 15 years ago to disinfect healthcare centers, surgical suites and operating rooms in more than 300 medical facilities. After seeing the demand for disinfection services, DiNunzio created Germ-Nix to expand services to office buildings, schools, warehouses, correctional facilities, restaurants, vehicles and homes.

“Coronavirus may be the first thought on our minds right now, but we tackle it the same way our disinfection services have been keeping you safe from mold, to odors to the bacteria and viruses that cause MRSA, colds and the flu,” he says. “We’ve been doing this work long before COVID-19, and that’s what puts us in the best position to fight it now alongside these other dangers that haven’t gone away in the pandemic.”

But especially now, disinfection doesn’t just mean killing germs.

“It means protecting our healthcare systems and people with health conditions that make them vulnerable,” DiNunzio says. “It means allowing businesses to reopen, restoring jobs, making sure our schools are safe for kids to get back in the classroom and allowing you to relax knowing the rental properties down the shore won’t make you sick.”



Disinfecting and deep cleaning may sound similar, but don’t get them confused – they’re two very different things. Typical spray and wipe methods, he says, don’t achieve results necessary to attack and prevent harmful bacteria and viruses.

“Cleaning removes germs from surfaces,” says DiNunzio. “When you wipe your kitchen table, you swipe the germs off the top. When you disinfect, you’re getting everything – everything you see or don’t see, from the cracks in the wood to the screws holding it together. Most people don’t have the chemicals or equipment to disinfect efficiently and effectively.”

“Our technicians are fully trained and taking all necessary precautions, including head-to-toe personal protective equipment to prioritize the safety of those around them,” he adds.

It used to be that people didn’t want it known that they were disinfecting their building, says
DiNunzio. But with the Coronavirus outbreak, that’s changed.

“Before, it carried a stigma that something was already wrong, but it’s completely preventative,” he says. “Now, having a professional disinfection company come into your workplace shows that your employer really does care, that they are investing in the health and safety of their employees.”


Partner in Cleaning

Disinfection isn’t a one-and-done deal. Germ-Nix’s EPA-approved disinfectant sprays, UV light and environment cleaning swab testing keep you safe, but only when paired with proper cleaning. That’s why Germ-Nix’s Partnership Program works with you to come up with a long-term plan to keep your environment safe and healthy.

“Especially now, it’s something that needs to be in the forefront of our minds every day,” says Robert DiNunzio, president of Germ-Nix.

As the world changes, Germ-Nix is evolving to stay ahead of the curve, which is why the company has an in-house Infection Prevention department, which is led by a nurse who specializes in ensuring Germ-Nix is effectively preventing infections from spreading and tests the areas they treat for quality assurance.

“We speak the language fluently and are here to provide the education, protection, safety and confidence to those who are in need,” he says.


From the very beginning, Germ-Nix has been committed to protecting children and those who protect the community, DiNunzio notes. Long before COVID-19, the company was reaching out to more than 100 schools and police departments to disinfect areas like gyms and police cars as well as offering major discounts to our law enforcement, places of worship and the healthcare workers fighting the pandemic. Germ-Nix has also been providing services for free to some local restaurants and businesses.

“Right now, we’re focused on community health above all else,” he says. “That includes making sure the businesses we love are not only clean but are still around when it’s time to reopen their doors.”

And to reopen those doors, he says, they need peace of mind to know they can welcome back your family, other customers, students, clients & employees to a safe and disinfected environment.

DiNunzio has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years and feels his background and experience are what sets the company apart from the rest.

“We do this because we’re passionate about healthcare,” he says. “We aren’t just here because there’s a crisis – we have the foundation, experience and expertise from decades of making sure you stay healthy in the places you work and live. We know what we’re doing, and we know why we’re doing it.”


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