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IMG_1110Glenn Trommer has always had an entrepreneur’s spirit, and when he saw an opportunity to blend years of corporate experience with his love of technology and open his own business, he jumped at it. Trommer opened Experimac in Cherry Hill in July.

“When the opportunity came along, I knew it was right for me,” Trommer says. “We buy, sell and trade pre-owned Apple®  computers and devices, and we also offer repairs and upgrades. We can provide our customers with quality pre-owned Apple products and an opportunity to save money.”

Experimac sells slightly used and refurbished Apple products, ranging from iMac® computers to iPhone® mobile devices, at a rate significantly below retail price. What really makes Experimac stand out, Trommer says, is the trade-in program that allows customers to upgrade their current phone, computer or tablet and save even more money in the process.

“If someone has an iPad®, iMac or iPhone device or other product from 2010 or newer, we’ll buy it from them,” Trommer says. “We also do trades, where we’ll apply the trade value to a product on our showroom floor.”

Trommer says the shop also specializes in repairs.

“We see a lot of cracked iPhone screens, which we repair and replace,” he says. “We also get a lot of failed hard drives. While we’re not in the data-recovery business, we do the best we can to help our customers recover their data, and we replace the hard drives.”

While the Cherry Hill storefront has an aesthetic similar to the Apple Store, Trommer says his small staff – and the individualized attention they’re able to provide – makes many customers prefer Experimac.

“We have a very welcoming environment,” he says. “You don’t need an appointment to come in here. Sometimes you make an appointment at the Apple Store and you have to wait 48 hours or more. Here, you come in, and we’ll take care of you right away.”

Trommer encourages customers to come into the store to check out the equipment in his showroom.

“People like to come into a store and actually touch and feel products, as opposed to buying something off Craigslist or eBay,” he says. “This is a meeting with a reputable dealer, where there’s somebody to stand behind the product. We’re a place for people to come in and take a look at pre-owned Apple equipment they can actually afford.”

Trommer, an 18-year resident of South Jersey, says his customers appreciate being able to buy pre-owned electronics made by a major global brand, but still support local business.

“We provide fanatical customer service,” he says. “We understand the needs of the community, and we want people to have a great experience.”

Through September 15, Experimac is running a major back-to-school campaign. All students purchasing a product in the store will receive 10 percent off, in addition to Experimac’s free 90-day warranty. Unique among electronics retailers, Experimac also offers financing options.

Education is important to Trommer, and he believes every student, especially young adults in college, should be able to purchase the equipment that will support their academic goals.

Trommer sponsors two scholarships at Rowan College at Burlington County for students focusing on entrepreneurship and computer science. He also mentors students at Temple University.

“I thought it was important to fund these scholarships to provide opportunities to students,” Trommer says. “I think they should also have the opportunity to get the technology they need, even if they may not be able to afford brand-new equipment.”

Trommer will be looking for a space to open a second downtown Philadelphia store, and he plans to expand in South Jersey over the next few years.

“I want to leave a legacy I can pass on to my children, and I think there’s plenty of room for growth,” Trommer says. “We have the opportunity to open five stores in the South Jersey area. My goal is to provide great customer service to the community and to help my team grow.”


2076 Route 70 East, Store #3 & #4
Cherry Hill