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M Financial on Money: Economy Slowing, Not Shrinking

We are facing an increasingly challenging environment as sky-high inflation shows few signs of relenting. Amid the cacophony of voices, we think the economy is slowing but not shrinking. We believe the domestic economy will continue to grow this year. Summer months are the seasonally weak part of the year, and midterm years often see market rallies in the second half of the year.

Market timing is hard. The sharpest rallies tend to come during bear markets and are costly to miss for long-term investors. Meanwhile, time in the markets, not timing the markets, remains the wise way to go.

How a financial plan can help

Financial planning is a process that can help you target your goals by evaluating your whole financial picture, then outlining strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and available resources. During times of global turmoil and market uncertainty, a financial plan can help you keep your eyes on your long-term investing goals and prevent emotion from dictating your decisions. In fact, one survey found that 65% of people with a written financial plan say they feel financially stable, while only 40% of those without a plan feel the same.”1

Additionally, studies show that working with a financial advisor and receiving professional investment advice can result in a net portfolio return that’s approximately 3% higher than managing your money yourself.2


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