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Douglas Cohen, DMD

cohenDouglas Cohen decided to start Dental Wellness after realizing what was missing in dentistry: The combination of cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned personal touch.

“It’s 21st-century dentistry, but with a very warm and personal feeling,” Cohen says of his practice, Dental Wellness. “It’s not a sterile environment. When you think of technology, you think of something very sterile, but it’s a very personal touch, just with advanced technology.”

Another special aspect of Dental Wellness, Cohen says, is the comprehensive treatment it offers.

“We do not try to piecemeal people’s oral health together,” Cohen says. “We look at their whole mouth and present problems comprehensively. We try to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible and make them feel that someone really cares about them.”

Cohen was initially drawn to dentistry because it allowed him to combine his interest in science and working with his hands and little gadgets into one career path.

Cohen created Dental Wellness in 2001 with partner Sanya Sweeney-Fonseca, and the practice now has locations in Marlton and Riverton.

A longtime resident of Marlton, Cohen earned a bachelor of science from the University of Michigan and then graduated from Temple University’s dental school.

Cohen says he’s constantly researching what’s out there to provide his patients with the best tech there is.

“It makes everybody’s experience in dentistry – the dentist and the patient – much easier and more pleasant,” Cohen says.

And at the end of the day, Cohen’s work at Dental Wellness is all about the patients.

“We try to make sure they know we care,” Cohen says. “They’re not just a mouth attached to a person – they’re also a person.”


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