Cooper Care Alliance Offers Direct Primary Care

A new program gives patients enhanced access to their physician

Cooper Care Alliance, known for its coordinated healthcare, continues to prioritize accessibility and the way patients approach their healthcare needs. This spring, a new program will take that service to the next level. 

Beginning in April 2024, CCA will add a new model of care in Haddonfield: Direct Primary Care (DPC). This program is a membership-based model, which grants patients who join expanded access to their DPC physician.

“This unique model gives patients a personalized level of care,” explains Greg Taylor, DO, Chief of CCA. “Patients who want more time and attention will get it through this program. Doctors who sometimes feel rushed in traditional practice settings will be able to focus on what they love – patient care.”

“…if a patient would like a chance to be more deeply invested in their health care planning, they will now be able to get that at Cooper.”

Greg Taylor, DO, Chief, Cooper Care Alliance

Dr. Taylor has always been passionate about different practice models because medicine is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, he says, and it’s unrealistic to think it is. After more than 20 years as a primary care and family medicine practitioner, he recognizes that in the future we will see different types of practice models based on patients’ individual preferences. 

“Obviously, this program is not for everyone, but if a patient would like a chance to be more deeply invested in their health care planning, they will now be able to get that at Cooper,” Dr. Taylor says.

“This level of access is not always possible,” he adds, “and patients who choose this model will be able to get same day and next day access to their provider, along with the option to speak with them by phone after hours.” 

CCA has a total of 70 providers and will begin with two doctors participating in the DPC model. The Direct Primary Care program is over and above a patient’s health insurance plan, so the patient’s plan is not billed directly. A monthly fee will be charged separately for the DPC program. 

Carman Ciervo, DO, FACOFP, Chief Physician Executive, Cooper Care Alliance

“Sometimes you need your provider four times in a month, and you can have that with this model. If you’re a busy provider, you would be hard pressed to do that in a traditional setting. With DPC, there are significantly fewer patients per provider, so they get more personalized attention,” explains Dr. Taylor.

Monthly costs to the patient will be equivalent to a month of daily specialty coffee, according to Carman Ciervo, DO, FACOFP, Chief Physician Executive at CCA.

“If you’ve decided you’re going to make an investment in yourself, this is your chance to get your health to a more self-actualized point,” Dr. Ciervo says. 

If a patient lives with hypertension or diabetes, for example, their doctor will have more time to research what they need. “What is it you need? Special diet or medications? Your doctor can take the time to share viable alternatives and options with you and involve you more deeply in your care, then meet with you again to follow up,” says Dr. Ciervo.

“People spend money on a financial adviser and on physical fitness, and now, more are starting to realize that this is an opportunity to partner with their doctor,” he adds. “They recognize that their physician won’t be rushed, and they will have all the time and access they need.”

According to Dr. Ciervo, who quotes the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), more than 2,500 practices around the country are now including DPC in their practice model.

The AAFP website cites several benefits to both patients and providers. Patients can expect substantial savings, improved access and more time with their physicians, and providers will experience greater job satisfaction, more time with patients, reduced administrative costs and a decrease in burnout.

“The physicians who will be part of this program are outstanding and will be able to discuss any questions specific to a patient’s needs. CCA is proud to offer this innovative practice,” says Dr. Taylor.

More information on how to become a member will be available in the coming months.