Distinguished Men

Carmen Saginario Jr.


Carmen Saginario strongly believes the old adage that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. That’s why he works to ensure that each employer he advises is doing things right the first time.

“Most entities and companies tend to be reactionary, as opposed to visionary,” Saginario says. “Instead of an employer calling me to represent them when the Department of Labor knocks on their door, I counsel them so the regulatory agencies never come knocking.”

Whether he’s working with a multinational corporation or a local, small business owner, Saginario forms a personal connection, which helps him guide his clients toward the ultimate results they want.

“One of Capehart Scatchard’s mottos is, ‘People and advice you can trust,’” Saginario says. “Through a combination of my diverse experience and my personality, I’m able to cut through a lot of the process and get clients where they want to be in an expeditious fashion.”

In addition to his work with employers large and small, Saginario is also a certified NFL agent. A former college football player, Saginario enjoys combining his legal expertise with his love of the game.

“While people think that players just get drafted, they sign and they go out and play, in fact the players and the league are governed by a 300-page legal contract,” Saginario says. “It’s rewarding to deal with NFL players and teams, and for me it’s an added bonus to the work I do every day.”

Saginario, who is also former Deputy Attorney General and Assistant Counsel to Gov. Tom Kean, has a strong devotion to his clients, largely because of his passion for labor and employment law.

“It’s so diverse, and I’m always challenged and excited by what I’m doing,” he says. “Even though I’ve been practicing for more than 30 years, every day feels like something new.”



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