Bancroft: One World. For Everyone.


Leveraging business and philanthropy for positive change

Bancroft has been a pioneer in the specialized care of children and adults with acute behavioral and neurological challenges for close to 140 years. When families are looking to find the best rehabilitative and supportive care for a loved one with autism, developmental or intellectual disabilities, they search for care that allows them to reach their highest potential. Bancroft provides that, and its caregivers provide hope to thousands of these individuals and their families in South Jersey.

Bancroft supports families with services that include special education, supported employment and vocational training, as well as behavioral supports, community living programs, residential treatment, and structured day programs. Bancroft’s health professionals are well aware that each person’s needs, background and story are different, so they work closely with one another to provide optimal care.

“Everyone must be treated as a unique individual,” says Rebecca Fuller, director of communications for the non-profit that has 275 treatment sites and group homes in the tri-state area. “Our staff has to be communicators, listeners, problem solvers, partners and collaborators in care. We’re working for a purpose, not just for a paycheck.”

Small miracles every day

To attract healthcare and behavioral specialists who are up to the challenge of providing the kind of care that can be life changing for its clients, Bancroft offers its 2,500 employees first-in-class benefits including comprehensive healthcare coverage, retirement plans and discounted childcare. Departments celebrate employee accomplishments with parties and food truck get-togethers. But the real highlight that creates such a strong culture is the satisfaction of witnessing small miracles every day.

Bancroft employee Linda Miller, therapeutic activities coordinator at Bancroft’s Judith B. Flicker Residences in Voorhees, is proud of the work she does. “Every single day, I witness an extraordinary event I didn’t think was possible the day before,” she says. “It may be a resident who was previously terrified of water jumps into the pool or an individual who struggles with mobility takes his first steps.”

Fuller says Bancroft team members lead with heart in everything they do. “We are really dedicated to the people who we support,” she says. “When you leave at the end of the day, you always have the feeling of, ‘I’ve done something good. I’ve improved people’s lives because of the work that I’ve done.’”

“When you leave at the end of the day, you always have the feeling of, ‘I’ve done something good. I’ve improved people’s lives because of the work that I’ve done.’”

A safe space for all

At Bancroft, people’s differences are celebrated and supported. Employees are always encouraged to be their authentic selves at work, as Bancroft recognizes that a diverse workforce supports its approach to patient care. “To be able to give the people we care for our very best, we need to have different ideas and input from people with all different backgrounds,” says Fuller. “We see diversity as our superpower.”

Bancroft works with an outside consultant to formalize a clear diversity and inclusion strategy that allows everyone to have a voice. Also, a formal diversity committee continues to develop policy, and Fuller notes these strategies always extend outside of Bancroft’s corporate offices and into the field to group homes where so many Bancroft employees spend their days. The company also hosts Cultural and Courageous Conversations, a series of live webinars that explore topics like racism, allyship and rights for the LGBTQ+ community.

“The conversations are a great way to get the team together and make sure we’re talking about the right things, meaning the things the Team wants to focus on,” says Fuller. “Diversity policy can’t just come from the top down, it has to come from our people.”

Unlocking employee potential

Bancroft supports its employees any way it can, providing a full range of opportunities for personal and professional growth. With its fully paid tuition-assistance program, qualifying employees can earn a graduate degree in Applied Psychology from Rider University, as well as take the national exam to become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The company also offers its employees online courses through St. Joseph’s University and has a variety of practicum co-op arrangements with institutions including Rowan, Temple and Drexel universities.

“Educating employees speaks to Bancroft’s commitment to serve, and its commitment to clinical excellence,” says Fuller. “We’re committed to having the best and brightest clinicians serve the people we work with.”

Then there is the Leadership Academy, a program developed internally by Bancroft’s organizational development and learning team that Fuller describes as “the crown jewel” of employee development. It’s a 6-month program open to team members at any level of the organization, helping employees become better leaders through collaboration and mentorship.

“Everyone who comes out of the Academy is pretty wowed by what they’ve been able to accomplish,” says Fuller. “It’s a really amazing opportunity to gain confidence and grow within your job.”

A focus on recruitment

With opportunity and growth at Bancroft at an all-time high, the human resources team encourages potential candidates to visit its website under the careers topic to learn more about life at Bancroft. The site offers a full calendar of job fairs and walk-up interviews that are regularly held across South Jersey. “We want to meet people wherever they are in their job search process,” says Fuller. “We’re always looking for caring and compassionate people who want to make an impact.”

Bancroft currently offers its newly hired caregivers who help individual patients with daily activities and community integration, known as Direct Service Professionals, a signing bonus of $1,000. The Direct Service Professional role often serves as a first stop for many who have gone on to build entire careers with the company. Claire Rohrer, now Bancroft’s Senior Vice President of Adult Services for South Jersey, started with Bancroft as a Direct Support Professional more than 30 years ago.

“One thing I have learned is that when you are pushed to stretch yourself, you really can stretch to do something you never thought you could,” says Rohrer.

Fuller says there’s a well-defined path forward for anyone who wants to be part of an organization that is dedicated to making people’s lives better. “The organization is growing and so are our staffing needs,” says Fuller. “Whatever you’re looking for, wherever you are looking, Bancroft has the job for you.”


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