PCS: Building the World’s Most Helpful IT Company


Oh, how the modern workplace has changed. With more people working remotely and infrastructure across the globe less stable, it’s never been more critical to have a comprehensive IT plan in place for your business. In South Jersey, the solution is designing a custom plan with PCS.

“We work hard to take care of our team members and try to be as supportive of them as we are with our clients. That keeps everything operating.”

PCS offers its customers full-service IT solutions, handling managed services (in which it acts as a business’s virtual Chief Information Officer or in-house IT team), project-based service, and – when no less than 24/7 access to an IT team will do – rapid response/emergency services. PCS helps for-profit businesses, nonprofit businesses as well as government contractors with assistance in data recovery, network connections, proactive cyber-security strategy and day-to-day help-desk duties. No matter the size of the project, PCS President Anthony W. Mongeluzo says its team of approximately 200 US-based IT professionals is there for its customers.

“Finding IT help should be easy for clients,” Mongeluzo says. “No jumping through hoops required.”

But before PCS can execute complex business plans across what Mongeluzo estimates is approximately 25,000 devices, he believes the company’s success begins with a culture that gives back to its “team members.” That’s a term he intentionally prefers over “employees.”

“IT work is 24/7,” he says. “It can be stressful. By having a more relaxed environment, our team members work hard, but we also have a lot of fun.”

A unique approach to leadership

PCS’s commitment to game-changing culture comes from the top down. “If a leader doesn’t want a better culture, nothing’s ever going to change,” Mongeluzo says. He credits his approach to leadership with having started the company in college and with having wanted to work at a fun place.

Now, with the understanding that his highly skilled IT professionals can work anywhere in the world, the PCS leadership team has seen that embracing fun not only inspires the team to give its best but also fosters a family atmosphere. “We work hard to take care of our team members and try to be as supportive of them as we are with our clients,” he says. “That keeps everything operating.”

Since the pandemic, the company allows most team members to utilize a hybrid work schedule (3 days in office, 2 at home) and they’ve increased their staff in the last 2 years by about 100 people, many of whom came from team member referrals. One method of connecting his new and established personnel is in team huddles, which are held once or twice a month. Here, team members can share what’s happening in the office as well as what’s happening at home.

Mongeluzo’s favorite part of each huddle is when leadership asks for shout- outs. Here team members can shout someone out for helping a customer, exceeding expectations on a project or doing great work. Mongeluzo acknowledges that when so many people work from home, “it creates a lot of goodwill to recognize people publicly.”

The company also has a culture club, says Mongeluzo, where team members brainstorm about how to keep PCS’s work culture at its highest level. Members of the club strategize about how they can get other team members more involved in initiatives and foster a feeling of belonging. That includes acknowledging that not everyone has to attend extracurricular fun, depending on what they have going on in real life. Culturally, Mongeluzo adds, “we want to meet our team members where they are.”

For some PCS Team members, when they aren’t solving security breaches or fixing hardware or software issues for customers, they are enjoying arcade games on site, taking food truck lunch breaks, going on bowling and golf outings, taking part in game nights, and of course, partaking in the much-revered Beer30, a 20-year PCS tradition. Every Friday at 3:30 pm, the company provides participating team members with one alcoholic beverage of their choice. The relaxed rules, says Mongeluzo, strengthen that team atmosphere and helps “zoom everyone into the weekend.”

Ties that bind

With inflated gas prices and people wanting to maintain a work-life balance, Mongeluzo says he’s felt a lot of appreciation from team members. He returns the favor by embracing athletic and charitable causes that are also important to them.

PCS has sponsored hockey and softball leagues for team members’ children and supports more than 20 different organizations throughout the tristate area.

To Mongeluzo, PCS and its team members must do more than write a check to support charitable causes – he encourages them to give their time. In Mongeluzo’s case, because his family operated bars when he was a child, he now volunteers his time helping those in need navigate addiction and recovery issues. Other PCS Team members have given to similarly personal causes.

Overall, Mongeluzo is incredibly proud of the 2 decades of IT services PCS has been able to provide for its customers and the culture it has created for its team members. Pre-Covid, he often toured guests around the beautiful, modern office space that some said reminded them of Silicon Valley. But guests also noticed a friendliness they just felt in the space.

“PCS’s mission is striving to be the most helpful IT company in the world,” says Mongeluzo. “As leaders, we start that mission by supporting our team members first, and then moving that commitment to service out into the world.”


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