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Arthur R. Bartolozzi, M.D.


Arthur R. Bartolozzi, M.D., treats high-performance athletes from around the country, but for him, it’s just as important to help everyday patients get back to their active lives.

“I help people get back to doing things they love, whether it’s walking for exercise or running or playing sports,” he says. “Helping patients pursue their passions is the most rewarding thing I do.”
Bartolozzi received his degrees from Brown University, University of California San Diego School of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA.

Among numerous affiliations with local sports teams and area universities, Bartolozzi is the former team orthopaedic surgeon for the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers. He has been acknowledged annually as one of the regions’ top doctors.

While working for the Eagles, Bartolozzi recognized the need to integrate physician specialists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, performance experts, nutritionists and sports psychologists.

These experiences, he says, taught him valuable lessons about cooperation in sports medicine.

“With the Eagles, I organized the best medical staff in the league,” says Bartolozzi. “This team approach became the industry standard, and I am proud that I was at the forefront of this concept.”

Bartolozzi is dedicated to educating and training numerous orthopedic surgeons, family physicians and athletic trainers, as well as young students thinking of a career in sports medicine. Many of his protégés have risen to the top of their fields.

However, he says the most crucial aspect of being a successful sports medicine surgeon isn’t something that can be taught.

“The most important aspect of being a successful sports medicine surgeon is being able to understand athletes and recognize their passion, commitment and desire to get back in the game. And that,” he adds, “is what I strive to do with each and every patient.”

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