Anthony Mongeluzo

Anthony Mongeluzo
President, PCS

So much more than computer help

Google and Apple began in garages. Amazon’s first warehouse was in a basement. And in the early 2000s, Anthony Mongeluzo started his first company from a bedroom.

“It all started because my neighbor had an issue with their computer, and a professional company couldn’t fix it,” Mongeluzo says. “I went over and took care of it, and he said, ‘you should start a business.’ So, I went and made some business cards. One client became 2, and eventually I got all the way up to 500 clients on my own. I was doing all the work, the accounting, the invoicing. Sometimes the printer in the corner of my bedroom would be running until midnight.”

What began as Mongeluzo removing viruses from home computers and setting up WiFi networks is today PCS, an IT services and corporate technology company headquartered in Moorestown, with close to 200 team members, satellite offices all over the state, and clients throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. PCS serves businesses in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to education and non-profits.

“We’re not just ‘the IT guy.’ We’re business strategists, and most importantly, we’re customer service. Just pick up the phone and call us, and we’ll figure it out.”

Nearly all PCS clients are now corporate, ranging from solo practitioners to small businesses to huge offices. PCS offers 2 basic types of services, Mongeluzo says, depending on each client’s needs.

“First, there’s IT managed service, where we run the whole show. We’re that company’s IT department,” he says. “We do everything 24/7 that an IT dept would do for them. The difference is PCS doesn’t ever call out, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t get sick.”

For companies that already have an in-house team, PCS also offers co-managed IT service.

“If it’s a big company with a lot of employees and clients, the IT department might say, ‘We don’t want to deal with basic help desk calls,’” Mongeluzo says. “We work with those departments to fill the gaps and provide support for overnights and holidays.”

Because every company is different, PCS works to create individualized plans to meet each of their client’s unique needs.

“One of the nice things about us is most IT companies have, for instance, a gold, silver, or bronze package, and clients have to choose,” Mongeluzo says. “Instead, we customize every single project. We’re not just ‘the IT guy.’ We’re business strategists, and most importantly, we’re customer service. Just pick up the phone and call us, and we’ll figure it out. One of the things everyone here knows how to do is be creative. We’re always stretching and creating in ways other companies won’t or can’t.”

PCS has that unique ability thanks to the company’s structure, which values the voices of individual employees and maintains the values of a local small business, even as PCS continues to grow and expand.

Among newer services, Liveline was created within the last decade to provide businesses more personalized services.

“When you say, hey, I want to work with PCS, what you get is a dedicated service team of 7 to 9 people who you build a relationship with over time,” he says. “Then, when you call in, you’re never getting dumped into a pool waiting for the first person who can come to the phone. Your call is being sent directly to a team that already knows the account and knows the people. Plus, everyone you’re going to talk to is local. We don’t outsource to other countries and companies.”

But despite the local-business feel, PCS is able to work with businesses on a global scale and has teams that specialize in helping companies prevent and recover from things like hacks and ransomware attacks. “Our newest division is what we call the Critical Incident Response Team, or CIRT,” Mongeluzo says. “We have a whole system to help companies quickly recover and get back online.”

At the start of the pandemic, the company saw a need for residential services and launched another new division called PCS at Home.

“We started getting tons of calls, because suddenly a lot of people were working from home,” Mongeluzo says. “Everyone was trying to figure out how that should work – what’s a home computer and what’s a work computer? What do those networks need to look like? People kept asking for help, and we had the expertise to help them.”

In addition to handling the needs of multi-national clients, PCS has now seen a return to its roots.

“We’re setting up home networks, doing virus clean up, switching people to new computers and moving data,” Mongeluzo says. “We handle our At Home clients just like we look at the business world: what does this person need, and how can we help them?”


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