Alloy Silverstein: Helping companies thrive in good times and bad

Over 2 years ago, the business world faced a wake-up call. How could private companies stay afloat during a worldwide pandemic, and deal with the many still-lingering challenges it brought on? And how could the support from the right accounting firm make all the difference? Business may be finally getting back to normal, but the accounting industry is still shaken up.

The answer became obvious to Ren Cicalese, managing shareholder of South Jersey-based Alloy Silverstein, when federal Paycheck Protect Program loans became widely available in 2020 and 2021 to help businesses keep their workforce employed.

“Ren’s direction to the firm was to work with all banks to help any company that needed the loans, and don’t charge anyone,” says Angela Venti, the accounting firm’s director of practice growth. “Then we started doing webinars to help even more businesses successfully submit the loans. After those went viral, businesses across the country were coming to us for help, and we were working around the clock.”

Yes, it was an incredible opportunity to help people in their time of need – it also introduced countless companies to the exceptional customer-friendly services that Alloy Silverstein has been known for in South Jersey for more than 60 years. The firm works with private companies of all sizes, assisting clients with tax planning, budgeting, individual planning, business consulting and more.

As it turns out, many of the companies that turned to the firm for help with the loans became loyal customers, says Venti.

“With mergers, so many businesses suddenly found themselves in the position of no longer working with a trusted accountant,” she says. “They were being assigned new ones who don’t know anything about their businesses and didn’t take the time to understand them. Some have told us that when April 15 rolled around, they learned that their tax returns hadn’t been filed and they were forced to take an extension, or they didn’t feel seen or heard.”

And now, as companies once again face uncertainty – this time around its inflation, supply-chain issues and other pandemic aftershocks – they’re finding Alloy Silverstein can be relied on for business solutions.

“We’ve been here since 1959 and we’re not going anywhere,” says Venti. “True to our roots, we will continue to prioritize providing our clients the service they need during good times and bad.”

Venti has helped more than a few business owners understand that they don’t have to stick with an accounting firm that no longer serves their needs. When a company switches to Alloy Silverstein, the firm will review past returns to ensure they’re not over paying the government. Sadly, she says, once Alloy Silverstein accountants are on the job, they often find companies are overpaying taxes.

“It half breaks your heart because we can only go back 3 years to file for money they’re entitled to,” Venti says. “But it’s also exciting because you know their future is going to be different. It’s a relief for them to know someone is taking their entire financial picture under consideration.”

In addition to a culture of excellence, the firm is a longtime supporter of South Jersey non-profit organizations. Employees enthusiastically get behind numerous initiatives, including the current holiday toy drives that are helping more than 60 local families obtain their wish lists. Alloy Silverstein is also deeply committed to Impact100, a women’s collective giving group that provides high-impact grants to local organizations. Venti says the firm pays to have its 6 female partners involved.

“It takes time, talent and treasure to make an impact,” she says. “Ren takes care of the treasure so we can donate our time and talent to an organization that has given away $826,000 since 2018 to worthy organizations like Cathedral Kitchen, the Alice Paul Institute and Farmers Against Hunger. It’s just amazing.”


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