Albert A. Fox, CFP®, CIMA®

Albert A. Fox, CFP®, CIMA®
Financial Advisor / Executive Director
Fox, Penberthy & Dehn at Morgan Stanley

A personal touch in financial services

When people are going through a time of transition or a time of turbulence, Albert Fox wants to be the calm voice and steady hand steering the ship.

After more than 27 years of helping clients manage the unexpected, Fox and his team know exactly how to walk people through big-life changes, such as retiring, divorce, selling a business, losing a spouse – even, and especially, when world events like a pandemic wreak havoc on the financial market.

“We’ve been watching difficult environments like this for almost 30 years,” says Fox, financial advisor/executive director of Fox, Penberthy & Dehn at Morgan Stanley. “Covid might be new, but these types of markets aren’t anything new to us. There’s a level of comfort in knowing we’ve seen this before.”

“I’m someone who just wants to make a critical difference in the lives of other people.”

Their job, he says, is to help people stay focused on their financial goals and objectives, all while prioritizing their clients as people first. That way, they’re able to continuously adjust their approach to get the best outcomes possible.

“Things change all the time, and we’re always on top of that,” says Fox. “We’re always striving to learn more and stay up-to-date on all our subject matter expertise. We’re perpetual students – the minute you stop learning is the minute you stop having the most timely knowledge possible.”

But, he says, they’re also students of human beings. Fox has a keen understanding of behavioral finance, which is how emotions, feelings and perceptions affect financial decisions. This drives everything behind his and his team’s personalized approach.

“When someone invites us into their financial life to help plan their family’s future, we take that very seriously,” says Fox. “I’m someone who just wants to make a critical difference in the lives of other people. If you’re in a position where you’re going through a transition, when you’re looking for someone who truly cares about you, that’s where we step in.”

“We’ve touched a lot of lives, and we’re proud of the work that we’ve done,” he adds. “That’s what drives us. It’s not about adding clients to our practice – it’s about the quality of the solutions we provide and the way we can make a difference in people’s lives. Having someone who isn’t trying to sell you anything, who has nothing to prove, means you’re getting advice that prioritizes your success.”

Fox’s proven success in managing long-term client relationships has earned him national acclaim. He has been named to Forbes’ inaugural “Top Advisors” list in 2018 and to Forbes’ “Best-In-State Wealth Advisors” list from 2019 – 2021 for his success in guiding clients. He also recently joined the Office of Attorney Ethics-New Jersey Burlington County committee and has received local recognition for his charity work with organizations like the National Kidney Foundation, Oaks Integrated Care and the Greater Philadelphia YMCA.

“When a client allows us into their life financially and allows us to roll up our sleeves and share our solution-based approach to finance, they see how different we are,” he says. “They see how much we care. It’s in our actions, not our words.”


3 Key Habits to Managing Your Finances

1. Continuously revisit your goals and objectives. Life changes, and that means goals may change too, says Albert Fox, financial advisor/executive director of Fox, Penberthy & Dehn at Morgan Stanley. “Financial planning is a living, breathing, malleable process. It has to be continuously updated, polished and adjusted,” says Fox. “It’s not a static thing, and people have this tendency to set it and forget it. That gives you a false sense of security.”

2. Continuously revisit your tolerance for risk and your timeline. Time makes a difference when it comes to investing. “At various stages of your life, your risk tolerance changes as your situation changes,” says Fox. “You want to make sure you’re ahead of those changes, not behind them.”

3. Have a full understanding of your finances. If you don’t know exactly what is happening with your money, it’s impossible to manage your finances so you achieve your goals, says Fox. “It’s like going to the doctor,” he says. “You get a physical once a year and they draw a baseline blood work to tell you where you are.” That’s what financial advisors do, he says, and that’s the key to staying financially healthy.


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