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A new level of care

When you’re having trouble hearing, you’ve lost your sense of smell, when severe allergies cause unpleasant – even deadly – reactions, having a quality Ear, Nose and Throat doctor isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

“When something is wrong with your ears, nose or throat, it’s not just a minor inconvenience – it’s something that can seriously impact your overall health and quality of life,” says Megan Morgan, marketing director at Advanced ENT and Allergy. “And because so many aspects of head and neck health affect each other, it’s important to have a wide variety of care all under one roof.”

Advanced ENT & Allergy provides a full spectrum of high-quality, comprehensive ear, nose and throat care for all ages. With 9 office locations in South Jersey, Advanced ENT & Allergy specializes in treating sino-nasal disease, allergy, asthma, eczema, food allergy, hearing loss, sleep and balance, swallowing and voice, pediatric feeding and swallowing, thyroid, head and neck surgery, pediatric ENT, skincare and more.

Recently, the practice has welcomed a new doctor who is able to treat a broad spectrum of allergy patients from pediatrics to adults.

“When something is wrong with your ears, nose or throat, it’s not just a minor inconvenience – it’s something that can seriously impact your overall health and quality of life.”

“Dr. Shashank Sheth evaluates and treats all types of allergies, such as environmental, food, drug and insect, and specializes in asthma and allergic eczema. He even provides treatment for people suffering from severe allergic reactions to allergens, like peanuts,” says Morgan. “This has the ability to drastically change, or even save, someone’s life. Think about the kid who no longer has to sit exclusively at the peanut-free table during school lunch. It’s small, but for that kid, it means everything.”

Advanced ENT & Allergy also offers a pediatric feeding and swallowing center, run by Ryan Walker, MD and speech pathologist Stefanie LaManna, which is a resource for parents to seek help if their infant is having a difficult time feeding or swallowing.

Another service that sets Advanced ENT & Allergy apart is Paragon Med Spa in Woodbury. This full service med spa, run by board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Patrick Hall, MD, offers a number of spa services. Patients can enjoy Paragon’s latest skincare treatment, the HydraFacial, as well as skin tightening, removal of dark spots, laser treatments, injections, hair removal and eyebrow waxing, shaping and tinting.

“Going to a medical spa gives patients one comprehensive place to take care of all of their beauty needs, knowing that services are performed or supervised by a board-certified physician who can provide the best care in a warm and friendly environment,” says Morgan.

Having that one-stop-shop makes a big difference for patients, especially as it gives physicians the opportunity to work together on health needs that might otherwise have to be treated separately.

“We’re able to help people with so many different elements of their health – from ear, nose and throat to allergy and skincare,” she says. “They’re able to follow the same providers throughout their treatment plan, and that means they have someone keeping a much closer eye on health concerns or reactions that may otherwise be overlooked.”

Ear fullness, for example, can actually be allergy related. Congestion in the eustachian tubes, which are our bodies’ natural ventilating tubes for the ears, can cause clogged ears or popping noises. When patients come to the office with these symptoms, ENT physicians can rule out common ENT causes and if needed, immediately refer them to our allergist for testing and treatment without having to go anywhere else.

“The doctors are what truly make this place stand out,” says Morgan. “When patients come in with health problems, they can trust that their providers will do everything they can to help them. It often means that patients form deep connections with their physicians because it’s a specialty that follows them their entire lives. From infancy to old age, people need ENT care, and having a consistent provider can make a big difference in health and quality of care.”


3 things to know about Ear, Nose and Throat Health

Noise protection is very important: “Staying away from loud noises and wearing earplugs when around loud noises will have long-term positive consequences,” says Advanced ENT & Allergy physician Saurin Sanghvi, MD. “The ear is an organ like any other organ in your body and damage to the ear can lead to hearing loss that can be irreversible in some cases.”

Daily saline sinus rinses can alleviate allergy and sinus problems: “Rinsing your nose with saline daily can clear the nose of harmful allergens and keep the nose moist for healthy bacteria to grow,” he says.

Heartburn can lead to throat problems: “Chronic heartburn can lead to acid reflux coming into the throat, which can irritate the lining of the throat and can cause problems such as sore throats, voice changes and chronic coughing,” says Dr. Sanghvi. “Having a healthy and balanced diet can prevent heartburn and other throat problems.”


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