Abbe Lang

Abbe Lang
Life Coach

Achieving your personal best

Professional Life Coach Abbe Lang is living her best life and pursuing her dreams. More importantly, she wants you to do the same. Abbe’s expertise is helping people throughout South Jersey find and pursue their path to happiness, health and success – on their own terms.

“What I give my clients is direction. I help them develop a strong backbone to accomplish anything they want to do,” says Abbe, who has helped hundreds in South Jersey and worldwide by tackling their issues head on. Abbe draws on her extensive experiences and expertise in diverse fields, including health and wellness coaching, relationship counseling, homeopathic consultations and business sales & marketing strategies.

“When traditional therapy and coaching fails, I deliver strategies that get to the root of the problem,” Abbe says. “It’s like personal training for the mind.”

Her approach, known as Motivational Point Coaching, focuses on helping clients balance their relationships, health and wellness, and business success.

“Most people come to me with a deficit in one of those 3 areas,” Abbe says. “You can have a great amount of money, business success, and have a great relationship, but if your health is horrible, well, that doesn’t work.”

As a fully certified professional life coach, she has studied with many of the leading experts in relationships, health and wellness, and business development. She also keeps up with the most recent developments in the industry through classes and conferences. Her vast knowledge and training in homeopathy and nutrition, Abbe says, gives her an edge to treat underlying issues.

“If someone comes to see me because they’re depressed, and they’re depressed because their husband has left them, of course I’m going to talk them through the 7 proven steps that will help them move on,” she says. “I will also draw on my homeopathic training to deliver remedies for grief and loss to get them where they want to be.”

As the mother of 3 children who has been married, divorced and is now happily remarried, Abbe says her personal experiences are powerful examples of the end goal.

“My divorce happened when my kids were 1, 7 and 9,” she says. “Although I was shocked when that happened, I made up my mind that it wasn’t going to destroy me. I realized I needed to let my anger go, forgive and work with my ex. I now teach others how to avoid the merry-go-round of legal battles. It’s not good for your health, and it’s not good for your kids.”

“I definitely walked the walk,” she adds. “I’m not only happily remarried to a modern-day Prince Charming, we also started 3 successful businesses together,” she adds.

Her approach to relationship coaching is to put aside anger as well.

“I teach couples how to communicate with each other so they’re not talking over each other,” Abbe says. “Too many people who go into couples therapy come out even angrier at each other. I know what that feels like.”

Abbe also specializes in weight and body image. The solution, she says, is never a diet.

“I eat a lot, but I eat the right things. When I teach people how to eat, the weight just falls off,” she says. “When your body is in balance, you will shed long-standing health issues also. Your sleep and energy level will improve dramatically.”

People are often surprised that the solution to endless dieting is that simple, she says.

But Abbe knows that taking the right steps will make an incredible difference. “You and your family deserve to live your best life free from any physical pain or discomfort,” she says. “I’ve seen my clients experience phenomenal results that changed the way they lived their life each and every day.”

Abbe always makes a promise to her clients: “Teaming up with me is the best decision you will ever make,” she says. “Book a free discovery call and find out how.”


On Women’s Health

At different points in their lives, women are thrown off-balance in ways that are hard to pinpoint. 

Abbe Lang has successfully treated countless woman of all ages – from teens to women in their 50’s – who have come to her for a variety of issues, including dating, divorce, weight loss, health and wellness, adrenal fatigue, pregnancy issues and menopausal symptoms – including talk therapy/imago dialogue, vitamins, herbs, nutrition, cell salts, Bach Flower and homeopathic remedies. Often times homeopathic remedies or balancing minerals can cure cravings, for things such as sugar or chocolate, and can help restore balance. 

“My homeopathic training really gives me the upper edge in prescribing health-restoring remedies,” says Abbe, who is also a certified adrenal health coach. “Again, my goal is always to get to the root cause and help women heal.”


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