Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith: A Unique Approach to Law

Attorneys who practice family law regularly work with clients going through challenging times. Divorce, custody, mediation and domestic abuse become part of their daily conversations. The legal team at the Marlton firm of Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith, P.A. (WKS), have worked with these issues, and more, since 2012 – with an added dose of compassion and support.

Dawn Kaplan, Partner

Partners Dawn Kaplan, Amy Smith and Michael Weinberg have been committed to creating a law firm that is different from most. “At the end of the day, we approach each client as a unique individual, and we truly care about each one,” says Kaplan. 

“We all work together and are proud of what we do for the people who entrust their lives to us.”

The firm helps individuals with compassionate, individualized legal representation. Their extensive legal experience enables solutions to family law matters, as well as other issues, like estate planning or business succession planning, which can overlap with the issues of divorce and child custody.

“We bring a level of quality and experience that has our clients referring back to us with continuous positive feedback – they often say we go the extra mile for them,” Kaplan says. 

Compassion returned
Last year, the firm experienced a heartbreaking difficulty when one of the firm’s partners, Luke Griffith, passed away after an illness. The tragedy brought an outpouring of love and support from current and past clients that warmed the hearts of the entire firm.  

“We routinely get thank-you cards months after working with a client, after they’ve have had a chance to reflect. Those notes let us know the positive impact we’ve had on their lives,” Kaplan says, “but when Luke passed, we received an astounding amount of mail commenting on his passion for his work and compassion for our clients – and thanking us all over again.” 

Amy Smith, Partner

Quality over quantity
The firm covers South Jersey, primarily Camden, Burlington, Atlantic and Gloucester counties, and has legal connections statewide. Since its inception, the firm has experienced tremendous growth – the current roster includes 3 partners, 3 associates, one of counsel and a support staff of 7. Because of the collective strength and talent of this team, WKS can ensure clients that their needs will be met with great expertise in a timely manner.

“We find staff who look at the quality of cases over the quantity,” says Kaplan. “It’s so important that we hire people who are compassionate and sympathetic, and who realize that this is a difficult and challenging moment in our clients’ lives, one where they need smart legal advice and guidance.”

The staff are also all local; most grew up in the South Jersey area. Their extensive knowledge of the regional legal landscape benefits their clients at every turn. And their concern for the community extends to their philanthropic efforts, especially at the holiday season.

Never one-size-fits-all
Kaplan stresses that her colleagues know when it’s right to litigate and when it is not – when a client would rather go to mediation than to court – and they remain dedicated to getting the best possible outcome without adding needless stress and cost.

Michael Weinberg, Partner

“Every client is different, with different goals and different paths to achieve those goals. We follow their direction,” Kaplan says. “There is always something to learn, and we try to stay fresh.”

“We handle complex matters that sometimes need different approaches, and we strike a balance so we can adapt to our clients’ needs and negotiate a fair resolution. We want what they want for their family’s future.”

Team spirit
Kaplan says WKS is truly a team. She is especially proud of the the team spirit that can be felt throughout the firm, every day.

“We all work together and are proud of what we do for the people who entrust their lives to us,” she says. “I’m proud of the individuals I work with every day, proud of what we’ve built, and grateful for all that we’ve accomplished.

“When you work with us, you know you are working with a team of experienced professionals who care enough to put you first.”



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