You can rent cars and apartments and dresses for fancy occasions and now…livestock? Rent The Chicken takes farm-fresh eggs to a new level – without the commitment – with the launch of a chicken rental service through Morgan Farms in Burlington County.

The farm provides the hens on borrow for up to six months, plus you’ll get everything you need to turn your backyard into a farm, including food and coop set up. Rent The Chicken allows families to become more connected with their food source while always having the option to “chicken out” if they find a farmer’s life just isn’t for them, says company cofounder Jenn Tompkins.

There are two options. Rent The Chicken comes with two to four egg-laying hens that will produce one to two dozen eggs each week. Hatch the Chicken is a five-week hatch rental service that allows you to see an egg hatch into a chick.

When the rental period is up, the farm will pick up the chickens and take them back to the farm or, if you’ve discovered an egg-cellent new calling in the chicken coop, you can adopt the chickens at an additional cost.

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