Rowan University’s “Rising” is already reaching great heights

Rising: The Campaign for Rowan University, a comprehensive fundraising initiative encouraging alumni and partner donations, has raised more than $93 million of its $120 million goal.

“I want to ask and urge everybody who is a friend or affiliated with Rowan to look at this campaign and to contribute knowing that no matter how much you contribute – it’s going to impact the lives of so many people, for years to come,” says Rowan University President Ali Houshmand in announcing the campaign last week.


Rising focuses on three key initiatives:

  1. Change a Student’s Life” will provide additional scholarship and internship opportunities, while expanding community engagement and service programs.
  2. Supporting New Discoveries” will attract the best and brightest scholars by creating innovative research opportunities and investing in educators.
  3. Providing Learning and Living Environments that Inspire” will optimize the functionality of campus spaces to energize and support students and faculty.


There are also other options to support more specific causes. Engineering alum? A contribution can be earmarked to improve the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering. Love to read? Send some support directly to Rowan University Libraries. Contributors can also select the “Area of Greatest Need” option, and the university will distribute the donation where it’s most helpful.


The campaign is expected to conclude in June 2020.


April 9 2019
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