Camden installs new mural

A new mural by artist Cesar Viveros was unveiled in Camden’s Lanning Square neighborhood. Key Concepts represented in the mural include the city’s proud history, natural beauty and community gardens, and youth and education.

“Public art plays such an important role in our community,” says Dana Redd, president/CEO of Camden Community Partnership. “Camden is a city with a rich history and a bright future, and this new mural takes the beauty and vibrancy of the Lanning Square neighborhood to the next level.”

The mural was created in response to feedback from community stakeholders stating that the “Meds and Eds” corridor/Lanning Square neighborhood needed increased vibrancy. “This mural combines several elements of the neighborhood to create a beautiful mural that represents the community and its future,” said Jeffrey Nash, CEO of the Joint Board. “This was a collaborative effort with community members and this project is a testament to how valuable investing in public art is for a city like Camden.”

The mural was a $30,000 endeavor and took Viveros two months to complete. Viveros has spent more than 25 years creating public art and has worked with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program since 2000.

“Integrating public art and beauty into cities is vital to the happiness and progress of our residents,” says Camden City Mayor Vic Carstarphen. “When you look outside your window and can see a stunning mural or a community garden, things that make the space more aesthetically pleasing, that in turn creates a more positive environment to live in. We will always invest in ways to make this city more beautiful, and we are thrilled to unveil this new mural here in Lanning Square.”

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