Fees No More: Camden County Library System is Eliminating Overdue Fees
Camden County Library System is eliminating fees and fines

Do you have books that were due back to the library during the age of grunge? If you’re a Camden County Library System member, you will soon be able to return borrowed items – no matter how long ago they were due back –  and pay no fines.

Starting July 1st, the library system is eliminating overdue fees for any items returned past their due date.

 “Some have reported a sense of embarrassment when they walk into a library knowing that they have dozens or hundreds of dollars built up in unpaid fines,” says Freeholder Melinda Kane, liaison to the library system. “We’ve found that this feeling is not motivating, but is debilitating.”

The idea is that equal access to the vast array of library services without economic barriers will empower, enrich, and enhance the quality of life of all residents.

The eight branches will also forgive all delinquent fees and fines as long as the items are returned or paid for. However, certain items with limited availability, such as grab and go items, museum passes as well as items owned by other libraries, will still be subject to various fines. 

Eliminating overdue fees doesn’t mean that borrowers are totally off the hook for tardiness. Due dates are still real; if books aren’t returned on time, a 14-day grace period kicks off. After that, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the item is returned or the borrower pays for a replacement. 

“It means that financially vulnerable members of our community aren’t cut off from our resources,” Kane says.

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