You Can Thank These Fish for South Jersey’s Low Mosquito Population

In an effort to cut down South Jersey’s mosquito population, authorities will continue to release fathead minnows and killfish in stagnant waterways throughout South Jersey.

Camden County Mosquito Control Commission and the county’s Health Department teamed up to distribute the fish and released 200,000 of them last year. They expect to distribute even more fish this year because they’ve started three months earlier.

The fish are provided by a state hatchery in Hackettstown, and each one can consume hundreds of mosquito larvae per day.

Officials aim to prevent any spread of West Nile, Zika or any other mosquito-borne diseases in the area. While no cases of Zika have developed from mosquitos in New Jersey, three deaths from West Nile Virus in the area have been reported in the last two years.

Funding for the project, which will cost $3,000 due to distribution and equipment, is being covered by the state.

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