7 Steps to Help an Injured Animal

As the weather warms, you may be more likely to stumble upon an injured or stray animal. The wildlife experts at Medford’s Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge offer these tips for what to do first.


Double Check

Make sure the animal is injured and not a baby separated from its mother. In some cases, a small animal can survive alone (like a baby rabbit or a fawn).


Transportation is Key

If the animal is injured, place it in a cardboard box or pet carrier lined with a sheet or towel to bring to the wildlife hospital in Medford. Call first: 856-983-3329, ext. 107.


Wear Gloves

Leather gardening gloves will work. All mammals, even babies, can carry rabies, so it’s important to protect yourself from a bite or scratch.


Be Gentle

Try to coax the animal into your container or slide it in using a broom or flat piece of cardboard.


Use a Towel

Once in the box, throw a towel over the top to keep it calm.


Put Down the Food

Don’t try to feed the animal – not even water. Animals, including babies, can go 24 hours or more without food.


Create a Good Environment

Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place and take it to the wildlife hospital as quickly as possible.


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