SJ Dads Rock!

We asked SJ kids to tell us why their dad rocks, and the entries came pouring in. Their letters prove these dads love to roll up their sleeves and get involved with their kids, whether it’s taking in a baseball game or playing with dolls. Thanks to all the sons and daughters who entered our contest – your dads really do rock!



Congratulations to our grand prize winners, Patrick Meade and his 13-year-old daughter, Nicolette

Nicolette Meade & dad PatrickMy dad rocks because everything is more fun when he’s around! My dad has the best sense of humor. We are always finding new jokes to laugh about, quoting lines from movies and making the weirdest faces back and forth to each other.

My dad rocks because he works very hard but always tries to find time for our family. My big brother has autism. He has very bad tantrums sometimes and is very big. He tries his best but still has a lot of trouble, so my dad helps out by taking him out for the day, which doesn’t just help my helps my mom, too.

My dad rocks because he is a great coach. Our softball team learns a lot and has fun at the same time. He always encourages everyone on our team to try our best and because of him, I do. My dad rocks because he is a great husband to my mom. He always tries to help her around the house and takes my mom out on dates. My dad rocks because he always puts our family before anything else!





small Cheyenne Higginbotham & dad Craig

Cheyenne Higginbotham, age 9, with dad Craig

My dad is like Superman because when someone is in trouble he swoops right in and saves the day! He can fix anything and is awesome. He even has a secret superpower not many people know about: he makes the best chocolate chip cookies and out-of-this-world pancakes! My favorite times with my daddy are all the mornings he makes breakfast for me. Pancakes + daddy time…it rocks!






Harman Ransi & dad Ravinder


Harman Ransi, age 12, with dad Ravinder

My dad is what completes my life. He gives me love, kindness, courage, advice, necessary items (food, clothes, etc.), and pays for bills so I can stay warm when it’s cold, cold when it’s warm and have water to wash clothes, dishes and myself. Not only that, he’s funny as a clown, so my spirits stay up. He is also my mentor in tennis, and we have lot of fun playing together. On snowy, rainy evenings Scrabble is our game, and we are word magicians. My dad is the best friend I could ever have. It’s awesome. And that’s why he rocks.




Aaron Arnstein, age 10, and Sarah Arnstein, age 8, with dad Jesse

Our dad rocks! He does lots of fun stuff with us – we explore Philadelphia, ice skate, snuggle and make challah. He is a good man who always gives charity to the poor. He often brings our mom flowers. Our dad is active-duty military. He works for the National Guard and helps keep New Jersey safe. He runs really fast and is on the National Guard marathon team. He runs marathons across the country. Our dad always has a great attitude (even when waking up at 4:45 am to run!). Our dad is awesome, and we love him a lot!




Elias Pyatt & dad Keith

Elias Pyatt, age 6, with dad Keith

My dad rocks because he helps me with Angry Birds Star Wars and he plays with me. My dad is funny like me. I love to do stuff with him like puzzles. He takes me to playgrounds, Chuck E. Cheese and Disney on Ice. He helps me dig up dinosaur skeletons. I had a T-Rex and Velociraptor. They were awesome. He answers questions I have. He is strong and smart, and he fixes things and he teaches me how to use the computer and downloads games for me. And most of all, he loves me.





Mariana Goldlust, age 11, with dad Rob

“Everything for my children.” My father has communicated this to me since I can remember. He doesn’t say this, but I know exactly what he means. My father has always been there for me.

I guess many children could say this about their fathers, but the difference is my father is not only there for me, he does everything with me. He skates, skis, flies kites, reads my books and studies alongside me. I am sure playing girly games would not be his choice, but we have done this hundreds of times. Overall, my dad rocks!



Cody Zinn & dad Andy

Cody Zinn, age 8, with dad Andy

My dad rocks because he takes very good care of me. He always wants to play catch with me, no matter what season. We’ll play outside in the spring and summer, and inside when the weather is cold. He is a busy doctor, fixing people’s hearts, but he always makes his family feel special and important. One incredible experience we had together was when we went parasailing. I was scared but he said I wouldn’t fall. He is always encouraging me to try new things. Sometimes it might be hard but dad says I’ll be just fine. I love him.





Emily Paluba & dad Dave

Emily Paluba, age 12, with dad Dave

I could simply say that my dad rocks, but that doesn’t cut it. He is much more than a funny, smart, wonderful father, he is my friend. My dad and I have a blast together, whether or not we are snuggling, watching “We Bought a Zoo” or flying a remote control helicopter. We have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time, tumbling around in the grass, chortling like a pair of mischievous siblings. My dad gives me advice like a father should, and he also puts learning in everything we do. He gives me the experience of a lifetime. He is my BEST friend.





Hillel Greenblatt, age 10, with dad Robert

My dad rocks because he loves me and is always there for me when I need him. I know that he will love me know matter what. My dad knows how to make me happy when I am feeling blue. He always comes to my basketball games no matter how busy he is. He never even picks up the phone when he is at my games. If I was able to give one special present to my dad it would be a day of rest because my dad works so hard to take care of my family. I love him!

June 2013
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