One More Thing: What Did You Learn About Yourself During the Quarantine?

I learned that being a germaphobe has its benefits. Now people don’t think I’m nuts – only diligent.
Eileen Abrams, Voorhees

All of those times when I used to say I would be on top of the laundry, dishes and vacuuming if only I had more time…I was lying.
Samantha Ursta, Medford

I learned that if I can’t go outside to go to happy hour or dinner after work, I’ll end up working way more hours than I usually do because I don’t realize when to stop.
Matt Heckman, Mount Laurel

I’ve learned that I’m an excellent bartender. Well,
I’m the best bartender in my house, which isn’t saying much but I’m okay with that.
Beverly Peters, Vineland

I like being served at a restaurant and cleaned up after – which is definitely not happening at home.
Krista Ball, Gibbsboro

Teachers are underappreciated, and I do not have the patience to homeschool.
Jennie Purcell, Cherry Hill

There is a limit to how many days I can go without showering.
Evan Heft, Voorhees

That, despite my best intentions, my Instant Pot is still in an unopened box.
Marci Cary, Berlin

I discovered kids will learn to cook if it is the choice between starving and doing more on their own. And they can clean up after themselves too.
Betty Hirsch, Mount Laurel

I’m a lot more extroverted than I ever knew. It was tough not talking to people.
Bill English, Bellmawr

I learned I can look past some dirt, a pile of dirty laundry and dishes in the sink. In the past, this would have driven me crazy. Now, I will get to it when I can or someone else will. It’s not like anyone is coming over and seeing the mess.
Marla Feldman, Marlton

I like being home with my family and didn’t devote enough time to it before.
Jana Cicha, Cherry Hill

I’ve learned that I used to spend way too much money going out.
Shannon Slamp, Sicklerville

July 2020
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