Low- Maintenance Houseplants for Beginners: Bringing Greenery Indoors with Ease

We can’t all be master gardeners, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a house full of greenery. We consulted the Farmers’ Almanac to find the perfect plants for green thumb beginners. 



Good for: if you travel a lot 

How they thrive: dry conditions; direct sunlight; temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees; no fertilizer; well-draining soil in a clay pot



Good for: if you own a humidifier

How they thrive: a humid climate; let almost a third of the soil dry out between waterings; mist the leaves; fertilize several times from Spring to Fall; repot when the plant outgrows its pot

Tip: to help with humidity, mist the plant’s leaves. 


Snake plant

Good for: if you’re worried you’ll forget to water your plant 

How they thrive: warmer temperatures (above 50 degrees); bright, indirect light; letting the soil dry out somewhat between watering

Tip: stick your finger into the soil to see if it’s time to water again 


Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) 

Good for: if you’re here for the aesthetic (check out those vines!) 

How they thrive: a location that’s room temperature; bright, indirect light; water when soil feels dry; use pots with a draining hole; use a well-draining potting mix; try a hanging basket; fertilize once a month in spring and summer 

Tip: this plant is mildly toxic when ingested, so be careful growing it if you have small children or pets

December 2023
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