Interior Design Tips for Cozy Autumn Vibes

We’re gearing up for apple orchard visits and corn mazes, but what’s the best way to bring those autumn vibes home with us? QVC’s Carrie Locklyn gives us tips for cozy blankets, dried flowers and her hot take on a fall classic: pumpkins. 


Textures & Colors

When you hear fall cozy, one of the first things you might think of is climbing under a big blanket after a long day of picking apples and making pies. The first step to autumn-izing your home is finding the right colors and textures. 

“For fall, swap out your light summer fabrics and floral patterns for some cable knit, velvet and leather accents,” Locklyn says. “For colors, stick to rusty tones like burnt orange and maroon. If you do want to bring some nature inside, keep the fall theme with dried plants like pussy willow and wheat.” 



Lighting your home is going to be your autumn secret weapon – and it’s practical! Since the sun will be setting earlier, adding some flameless candles can both set the mood and add a level of safety to your home, says Locklyn. “You can put your flameless candles on a timer,” says Locklyn. “So when you come home and it’s already dark, you’ll have some light in your house. Plus, it really brings those cozy vibes.” 



An easy rule to follow for interior design is this: Summer is for stripping down your decor, fall is for adding on. So this autumn, try your hand at layering. “Add a runner and a wood tray to the dining table,” says Locklyn. “Get some velvet throw pillows to add to your sofa or drape a cable knit blanket at the end of your bed.” 



Nothing says fall quite like a front porch decked out in autumn colors and straw. While you don’t have to create a full scene featuring a homemade scarecrow, Locklyn suggests including some autumn touches to the space.

“Add a colorful, rustic wreath, corn stalks, baskets, a variety of pumpkins and mums,” she says. “Make it cozy and layered. Also, change the welcome mat – you’ll be feeling harvests before you even get in the door. 


Pick up the pumpkins 

Fun fact: this is one hill Carrie Locklyn will die on: Don’t be afraid of pumpkins. 

“Every designer these days talks about how pumpkins are so out, but that is so not true,” she says. “You do you – get the pumpkins!” 

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