5 dishes to serve at your next dinner party (that will show off your garden)

One of our favorite parts of gardening is sharing the harvests with friends – our top favorite part is getting to eat it ourselves. Here are 5 dishes to serve at your next dinner party. 


Tomato sandwich 

It’s a South Jersey classic, even if there is some debate about how exactly it’s made. Regardless, grab some white bread, a handful of your backyard tomatoes and mayonnaise (we refuse to comment on the Miracle Whip/Hellman’s debate, we’ll leave that judgment to your dinner guests). Put them all together for a crowd pleaser sure to wow your party-goers. 


Blackberry galette

Shout out to Toni Farmer for helping us up our dinner party game with this dessert recipe that will bring a rustic feel to your next party. Made with puff pastry, cream cheese, plenty of sugar and those luscious blackberries from your garden, this dish is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Watch a demonstration (and a pretty comical attempt) from Marianne Aleardi here


Berries and ice cream 

If you don’t feel your culinary skills are up to tackling a galette, try a simpler dish for dessert. And we mean really simple. Pair your garden berries – strawberries, blackberries or raspberries – with your favorite flavor of ice cream for a sweet ending to the night. 


Corn on the cob 

A truly classic Jersey side dish, corn on the cob will be a delightful addition to your party table. And even if you think it’s too ambitious for you to try in your garden, we still say you should go for it! Or you can always stop by your local farmers’ market and pick up some cobs from your favorite stand. 


Cape Gooseberry and Thai Lime Basil Margarita

Never heard of a cape gooseberry and Thai lime basil margarita? We hadn’t either until we were introduced to it by Toni Farmer. But now, we love to surprise our guests with this one-of-a-kind drink that kicks off the party on a truly refreshing note. Find the recipe here.

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