Have you heard? Lots of your South Jersey neighbors are growing their own food, starting with some delicious Jersey fresh tomatoes. Once you’ve got your harvest, try these recipes for a tasty treat. 


Garden Gazpacho

Complements of SJ Mag’s resident gardening expert Toni Farmer, this gazpacho recipe will put your garden to work. Packed with veggies, it’s a great way to cool off on a hot day and all you have to do is blend the ingredients. Get the full recipe here


Caprese salad 

It’s a simple concept, but the results will blow your mind. Layer your tomatoes with slices of mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, then top with balsamic vinegar and enjoy. And if you want to upgrade the dish, grow your own basil in your garden (it’s a Jersey favorite).


Tomato sandwich (iykyk)

If you haven’t had a tomato sandwich, are you even from South Jersey? Take your sliced tomatoes, add some mayo and put it on white bread for a truly authentic Jersey lunch. (We won’t try to tell you whether you should use Hellman’s or Miracle Whip, you do you.)


Tomato sauce 

Sometimes, our homegrown tomatoes don’t look super pretty – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious. If you’ve got some ugly produce, throw them into a tomato sauce – try this recipe from Toni Farmer – to top off your pasta. 


Not sure how to grow your own tomatoes? Start here:  Watch Now

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