The Congressman
By Elyse Notarianni

While much of a Congressman’s time is spent in Washington, DC, the rise of a pandemic has altered that schedule. In the past few months, U.S. Congressman Donald Norcross has been busy here in South Jersey, helping to set up testing sites, connecting government programs to his constituents, and speaking regularly at town halls to inform people of help available.

“I hear story after story about people really hurting,” says Norcross. “It motivates you to really make sure we get this right.”

In the past few months, Norcross has worked on passing laws that support healthcare workers, small businesses and vaccine research. His focus is on what he calls the Three T’s: testing, tracing and treatment.

“Without getting those right, we aren’t going to get anywhere,” he says. “We’re learning about the virus every week. Before, we were told not to wear face masks. Then we learned more, and that changed. As long as we’re truthful and understand that things change, that’s the hallmark of good leadership.”

Norcross says kickstarting economic growth depends on people feeling safe in public. That’s why, he says, he’s pushing hard to get South Jersey the federal support it needs for massive 3 T operations. It’s still in the works.

“But you know who stepped up?” he says. “Inspira, Cooper, Virtua, Jefferson, CamCare, even Rite Aid. They’ve helped with testing, looked at data and adjusted their approach to help as many people as possible. But we still need more.”

While he’s focused on healthcare and safety, there are also other areas that still need attention, like helping South Jersey’s economy.

“People who aren’t getting paychecks need help with unemployment,” he says. “Some people need food. Small businesses need help. There’s no simple answer on how you can find out about the help that’s out there, except if you call my office – 856-427-7000. They can help in any of these areas.”

We’re working hard on the response,” he adds. “Because the one thing we know: If we do this wrong, there are deadly consequences.”

June 2020
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