6 Apps to Work Out Your Brain

No weights are required for this kind of workout – just a smart phone. We found some apps that will help strengthen your memory, math skills and more.


Elevate – Brain Training

This full-brain workout will help strengthen every skill from writing to speaking to math. Choose from the more than 40 games each day and track your process to see how strong your mind will get.



Just like working out your body, working out your mind requires a routine. As you track your progress strengthening your memory and attention with Lumosity, develop the habit with the app’s workout week feature. Create a schedule and receive reminders if you fall behind.



If you haven’t looked at numbers since high school math, this is the app for you. Strengthen your familiarity with numbers and logic in a game setting. The app even provides hints when you’re stuck, so you can go from a beginner to an expert in no time.



Do you want to de-stress? Control weight gain? Fix your bad sleep? HelloMind lets you get specific with your brain workout – you can even choose to work on your fear. Then, the app recommends listening sessions. Get comfortable and then get hypnotized.



Strengthen your positivity with this app that targets your attitude. Games and activities work to raise your happiness score. With only a few exercises a week, you can fight against negativity.



You’ll be a memorizing fanatic after a few sessions with Eidetic. This app uses numbers, quotes and facts that you actually want to remember to help you improve your memory. No more forgetting important phone numbers or addresses.

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