Life can be stressful. Luckily, de-stressing can be as easy as turning on your smart phone. Try these calming apps to help get rid of that work-week stress and finally relax.



Become a meditating master no matter how experienced you are. Starting with the free 10-session introductory series, users can learn the basics of meditation and track their progress. Then, move on to the personalized session packs covering topics like stress relief, happiness and appreciation.



Let your fingers guide you to a more relaxed state. Based on the foundations of Tai Chi, the app directs your finger across the screen to help you focus and release stress while listening to soothing sounds.


Coloring Book

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it – people of all ages say that coloring helps them relax. This app has hundreds of coloring-book images from flowers to dragons to food and plenty of colors to choose from. Plus, it’s free.


Wa Kingyo

Not everyone has time to fly to Japan and enjoy a calming koi pond. Luckily, this app brings the serene scene to you. Choose from several colored backgrounds, then scatter the flowers, watch the fish swim and prepare for relaxation. If you don’t want to pay for the extra background colors, try the lite version (Wa Kingyo LE) for free.


Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Do you love falling asleep listening to the rain? Get the sound of rain – and other calming noises – whenever you want, for free. Other options include whale songs, crackling fire and bird calls. And, you can set a timer to shut your phone off when you fall asleep.



Relieve that day-to-day stress by writing it down. This free app helps you learn more about what causes your stress and how to manage it with features like a mood tracker, a journal and daily reminders. You can even message other people in the community to discuss progress or difficulties.


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