Cape May Point State Park Trails

Length: Half-mile to 1.5 miles
Walk to the top of the lighthouse to scout your trail, then come back down to check out the wetland marsh. There are 3 short trails to choose from, and the Red Trail (0.5 miles) is wheelchair accessible. Take a fun, short trip along the boardwalk to check out the dunes and the lighthouse ponds, where you can see visiting birds like ospreys during the day or catch a glimpse of the stars over the ocean at night.


Creekside Trail

Length: 3 miles
Though it’s a relatively short hike at just over 3 miles, the trail takes you through both scenic woodlands and wetlands. Take your time and look for deer and the many birds that frequent the area, like heron, hawks and eagles. 


Batsto Village Trail

Length: Half-mile to 4 miles
Check out historic Batsto Village (from the outside, for now), then hit the woods for the Batsto Red (half-mile), Blue (less than 2 miles) or White (4 miles) trails. Each short trail will take you around Batsto Lake.


Mullica River and Batona Trail Loop

Length: 11.5 miles
The trail runs along the Mullica River and passes by 18th-century buildings before meeting up with the massive, 50-mile Batona Trail, which runs parallel to the Batona River.


Palmyra Cove Nature Park

Length: 8 Miles
Nestled at the foot of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, you’ll walk through wetlands, woodlands and meadows alongside the Delaware River shoreline.

August 2020
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