The South Jersey Shore Snacks You Need to Taste

Everyone comes to the Jersey Shore for the classic goodies like soft serve ice cream and funnel cake. But there’s so much more to try at the Shore, so dig in to some of the unique treats we found!


Egg Puffs

Ice Hot Teppanyaki
3012 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Despite the name, this Asian treat is a giant, fluffy – and delicious – waffle. At Ice Hot Teppanyaki, you can get egg puffs with all kinds of toppings, including ice cream rolls, honey Oreo crumbs and chocolate syrup.

Banana Whip

Bashful Banana Bakery & Cafe
946 Boardwalk, Ocean City
This is the healthiest version of ice cream out there – and it’s on the boardwalk! The Bashful Banana uses a special machine that whips frozen bananas into a smooth, creamy texture just ripe for devouring.


Fractured Prune
2006 Boardwalk, North Wildwood
These doughnuts are not your average doughnuts – these come hand-dipped and hot! Try flavors like Holy Cannoli – vanilla glaze, powdered sugar, graham crackers and mini chocolate chips – or the Lumberjack, with maple glaze, bacon and cinnamon sugar.

Korean Fried Chicken

1348 Boardwalk, Ocean City
It doesn’t get much better than some Korean fried wings and popcorn chicken. Plus, these savory snacks are served up in ready-to-go containers, so you won’t miss a beat during your beach day.




Creative Eats
2700 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood
Most people go to France for a good crepe, but you can also get them at the Jersey Shore. Creative Eats serves them up in so many different ways, from sweet to savory. Toppings include maple syrup, bacon, ham, jam, Nutella and banana cream. You can even try a crepe omelette!

Comfort Cones

Cone Appetit
1136 Boardwalk, Ocean City
The ultimate comfort food is right here in South Jersey on the Ocean City boardwalk. All of Cone Apetit’s decadent concoctions are served in a bread cone. Try breakfast cones like egg, meat and cheese, or lunch cones like cheesesteak or buffalo chicken mac and cheese.


The Watering Hull
261 96th Street, Stone Harbor
This Hawaiian dish is taking the country by storm – and it’s made its way to the Jersey Shore. First, choose a base like white rice or coconut quinoa. Then, choose your protein, like tuna or tofu. Finally, choose one of the three sauces: citrus ponzu, spicy aioli or ginger teriyaki.

Piggy Bun

The Bread and Cheese Cupboard
246 96th Street, Stone Harbor
There is nothing traditional about these bakery goods. The Piggy Bun is a cinnamon bun topped with cream cheese icing, bacon and chocolate drizzle. Forget about sticky buns – this will leave you satisfied and wanting more!

Wafflewhich Waffles and Ice Cream

The Reeds at Shelter Haven
9601 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor
Picture a hot dog. Now picture the bun as a waffle and the dog as scoops of ice cream. That’s a Wafflewhich, and they just hit Stone Harbor. Choose from endless ice cream flavors and toppings, and enjoy the newest way to eat ice cream down the Shore.


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